Thanksgiving 2008 Restaurant Help


I have just booked my package for Thanksgiving 2008 at the POFQ. This will be my very first time to spend Thanksgiving at WDW and I am at a total loss as to where would be a good place to have our Thanksgiving meal. Do all of the TS restaurants offer a special meal for the day? Is there a particular location that is considered to be a “must do”? Any help is greatly appreciated.:blush:


Not all of the WDW restaurants offer Thanksgiving type food but some do. This page may help you do some planning: Thanksgiving Dining Options

If I were going to be at WDW on Thanksgiving I would book either Liberty Tree Tavern or Hoop Dee Doo that night.

No matter where you decided to dine please book it as early as you can, places book very quickly.


Thank you so much. This is exactly the information I was looking for.


In case it helps, I always say this because I don’t like turkey unless it is cold cut, combined with ham and hot pressed with melted cheese; and I also don’t like most Thanksgiving dinner items… Rainforest Cafe, Big River (at Boardwalk) and ESPN (also at Boardwalk) do not change their menus to a holiday special.


We are going this year for Thanksgiving and we have Liberty Tree for an early lunch booked and a late dinner at 1900 Park Fare, we’re going to be some seriously stuffed Turkeys!!! :laugh:

I second what Disneyteacher said; check out THIS years holiday offerings, mark your calendar for the EXACT day you are able to call, and call AS SOON as the dining line opens!!!

PS: besides HoopDeeDoo and Liberty Tree I am also going to add “Trail’s End,” it’s also in Fort Wilderness, very rustic, and I’ve never had a bad meal there! Great alternative for Turkey Day!


I love the idea for Hoop De Doo on Thanksgiving!! I never would’ve thought of that. Do you think they do anything different than usual? Even if they didn’t, that sounds like a really fun way to spend the holiday! Thanks for the advise.


I think if you prefer a traditional Thanksgiving meal, Liberty Tree Tavern is your best bet. Shoot, they serve Thanksgiving dinner 365 days a year!:laugh: