Thanksgiving at Disney?


We are planning on spending Thanksgiving at Disney this year. I want to hear about your experiences with visiting at this time. We expect it to be crowded. We are arriving the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and staying the whole week after. What can we expect as far as crowds and weather? Thanks y’all!!!:flowers:


Very warm weather. Highs in the mid-80s. Will be crowded that weekend. Nothing like Christmas that’s for sure.


Well… I’m beginning to question my decision to go for Thanksgiving, this year. It’s my 18th birthday, and I’d like to be at WDW to celebrate, but I’ve been watching the Disboards, and it looks like a lot of people are planning to go for Thanksgiving, as well…

It’s going to be crowded, that’s for sure. I haven’t been for Thanksgiving in an awfully long time. If you have other dates you can work with, that might be a better option. If not, maybe we can have a meet and greet! :laugh:


Don’t question it. Just go! Have fun! Don’t let crowds scare you or keep you from enjoying yourself! You can always work around the crowds! :biggrin:


We went this past thanksgiving, it was cold in the morning, so make sure you take a light jacket, then it would warm up around noon, and at night it would get cold. It was very crowded the day after thanksgiving, that friday! Our next trip this time of year will be the week after thanksgiving! But all in all we had a great trip this time of year!


We stayed for 12 days, including Thanksgiving, 2 years ago and LOVED it! It was fun to see the “Presidential Turkey Parade” in the MK on Thanksgiving Day. The parks were pretty empty the week before Thanksgiving until about Wednesday morning when i seemed all of America poured in WDW. The crowds were strange & never bothered us. Everyone in WDW was alwaqys packed into the Osborne Lights (don’t do that on “Black Friday”) we couldn’t even move through the street on that day to see the lights.

Otherwise, Thanksgiving morning in the MK was ABSOLUTELY EMPTY until around 10:30, then it gradually got a little busier.

We had Thanksgiving lunch at Liberty Tree & Thanksgiving dinner at 1900 Park Fare. I was TOTALLY surprised by 1900 that day, the food was DELICIOUS (a whole Thanksgiving buffet) and everyone was very festive & friendly. I’d definately eat a holiday meal there again.

The weather was VERY warm during the day. I remember wearing jeans & wishing I had shorts or capris. I did wear a thin long sleeve light jacket several of the nights but not too often.


We’ve been going the week after Thanksgiving for the last three years. 06 and 07 were a little crowded, not bad and the weather was warm. But last year it was much more crowded and the temps were cool. It got real cool at night spoiling our MVMCP. It’s still probably the best time to go though. Just to see the castle in it’s holiday glory is worth it.:wub:


We go the Wednesday after Thanksgiving for a week and the only day it crowded is on Sat at MK.


We were there this past Thanksgiving and loved it. We arrived the Thursday before Thanksgiving until the Sunday after. The first 5 days were great but once Wednesday came around it got very crowded. The weather was cool in the mornings, comfortable in the afternoons and cold at night. The parks were just beautiful with all of their decorations.


We have been there on Thanksgiving week, and the only day we ran into a crowd was the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day itself, and the crowd was pretty limited to Frontierland. But it got so packed so quickly that we bolted. Took the traint around the park, and we could see ther ewere no crowds anywhere else at MK. Weird.

None of the other parks were ever intensely crowded, and MK was only super-crowded in that one corner of the park!


Oh and p.s. we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Luau, which was a disaster. Wish we had gone to a restaurant with a traditional Thanksgiving menu.


I just went for the first time in 2008 and it was REALLY crowded!!! We got to Orlando the Friday before Thanksgiving and left the Saturday after. We only started going to the parks the Monday before Thanksgiving…and it was CROWDED!!! :blink: But it was still GREAT. I just wish they started all of the holiday festivities earlier. Holidays Around The World at Epcot only started on Black Friday. Needless to say, the parks were PACKED that day!

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at 'Ohana. While it was good, it was just a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing except for salad from the regular 'Ohana menu. While we were there, I was wishing I saved my TS credit for 'Ohana on a different night, and ate somewhere else. I really missed my 'Ohana experience.

If I went again and wanted to be there for Thanksgiving day, I might go the Wednesday BEFORE Thanksgiving and stay until the week after. Crowds are sure to die down after Thanksgiving weekend.


We went to the garden grille for our thanksgiving dinner, and they had traditional thanksgiving dinner and it was actually good. I loved the garden grille so were going back there to eat in June!


Thanks everyone for all the responses. I really appreciate it. We are really looking forward to this trip. We’ve never stayed longer than 6 nights before and this time we’re staying 10. And we’re flying! We usually drive. Thanks again y’all!!!


We went this past Thanksgiving and enjoyed it. With 10 days you can take it easy and not be so stressed by the crowds. We arrived the Saturday before Thanksgiving and left the Saturday after. We did ALOT Saturday thru Tuesday so when the crowds DOUBLED on Wednesday we had hit all the main attractions. Just seeing the castle with the icicle lights is worth the crowds!


It is WDW - there are always busy times. We found it doable and far less crowded than spring break.

We did not got to the parks on Thanksgiving Day. We toured the resorts looking at the decorations and then spent some time at the pool before dinner. :laugh:


We were there this past Thanksgiving and had a great time! We arrived the Saturday before Thanksgiving and stayed until the Tuesday after. The crowds, as Willbegone experienced, were smaller Sat-Tues and then were huge beginning Wednesday. We thought the crowds would die down after the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but it didn’t(as I understand it did in years past). No matter though, we know that we will do it again!!! :slight_smile: