Thanksgiving crowds really that bad?


i’ve been reading on another site (i know, shame shame!:redface: )

everyone seems to think the crowds during thanksgiving week are awful!:excl:

i know with good planning we will be fine, but i am just looking for some reassurance that it’s not as bad as some people make it sound.

we will be heading home the day after thanksgiving, so we won’t be in the parks that following weekend.

help…please tell me it’s totally doable, nothing to get antsy about!:laugh:



Although we have never been around Thanksgiving I am sure the parks are probably busier than other weekends. But then as you said with good planning its absolutely ‘do-able’-I think you’ll find it probably isnt as bad as some people make out- and you will have a terrific time regardless!


we will be there the week leading up to thanksgiving and leaving the friday following.

i know the crowds are worse on the weekend after.


We were there the Sunday - Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2007. To show you how crowded the parks were, IASW which is usually a 5 minute wait was up to 30 minutes. Never again for me. The week after, we’ve owned the park with such small crowds. :noo: Sorry :sad:


Yes but since you’ve been there before and it’s not your first trip, you should be fine. DH and I went on a ‘without DD trip’ back in 2002 during this week. It was very busy (worse than spring break imho) but since we’d been before, we did the EMH (they only offered early morning during this time period) and rode/did all the attractions we wanted to and then took it easy the rest of the day when it started getting crowded. We did have Thanksgiving diner at LTT and we too left the Friday morning afterward.

The Christmas decorations are up and we could see that they were adding more and more each day that went by. Crowds were thick and we, at times, felt like it was hurry up and wait.


OH it’s always “doable” you just have to know how to do it!! :laugh: :laugh:

Since you’ve been before, you know what you want to see and you don’t . . . and sometimes, it’s worth it to just ENJOY the scenery and WDW is so pretty that time of year . . . you’ll be FINE . . . start at the back of the park and work your way forward . . . grab fast passes . . . skip rides and save them for the next visit!! But above all . . . ENJOY! :laugh:


i re-read Wishy’s TR from this past Thanksgiving. it made me feel better.

we don’t do many of the “head-liner” attractions, (ToT, Space Mnt., Everest, TT) so hopefully using FP and taking it all in at a slower pace will help us to manage the crowds.


It will . . . if you go with the “go with the flow attitude” . . . it always works out! :smile:


chottsy, we were there that same week, and there was only one time where we felt stressed out by crowds. It was on Thanksgiving Day itself, around mid-day, in the back of Frontierland by Splash and BTMRR. It got really, really crowded in the blink of an eye, and we decided to hop on the WDW RR and ride around to get to the gates.

Easily managed, though, and as we rode aroudn, I could see that the rest of the park was nohere near as bad as Frontierland! the rest of MK looked pretty much like a regular day, including Main Street. Don’t know what happened in that back corner!

It was the only time we relaly felt like the crowds were inconveniencing us. the other parks and the other days were fine.


sweet music to my ears!:mickey: (thanks MSDis.)

on Thanksgiving day we are going to be in AK in the early am, and then back to POFQ until about 4pm, then we are going over to Epcot for a few quick rides before diner & Illuminations.

i was advised that Epcot handles the crowds better and would be a good choice for Thanksgiving Day.

i guess it really is all about being in teh wrong place at the wrong time, when it comes to the crowds…it can be packed out in Frontierland and not on Mainstreet!

okay…bring on some more reassuring comments and personal experiences! LOL


We have flown in on Thanksgiving day. The airports are fine and the plane is not full. We check in and go to an ADR at some nice restaurant then just deal with the crowds that day and thru Sunday. By Monday the crowds are gone and that week after Thanksgiving is great! That was our experience every time we did it that way.


We always leave the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I must say, until then, there are no crowds, but come Tuesday, MK is so crowded that we had to leave and go to any one of the other 3 parks and there’s not much going on. I would bet that Wednesday through the middle of the next week it would be super crowded


We’ve done three New Years’ in a row and the crowds on Dec 31 are the worst. Even if there is a 20-25% reduction in crowd for the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend, it’s still going to be really tight.


Yes they are bad.


we are coming in on the friday before. so that weekend up until tues. before thanksgiving according to Dopey is okay.

also the tues. wed. & thurs.(thanksgiving day) we are planing on splitting out time between mk, Ak & Epcot.

wed. we were going to MK, but maybe i should rethink that and switch that to tues. and do AK on wed.

so to avoid MK on the tues, wed. & thurs. of thanksgiving week.

maybe i will PM Wishy and get her thoughts…hmmmmmm


that’s great that works out well for you.

i am going the week before that, and i get mixed reviews on crowd levels for the week we are going.

i guess like most things, we won’t really know until we get there! LOL


okay…so i am a dork with little short-term memory…seems i started a thread a while back regarding park hours during thanksgiving week that morphed a bit into info. re: crowd levels. where i received very valuable info.

so my apologies for being a nervous nortus and asking yet again…:redface:

below is the thread with lots of info.:blush:


Char, I am going the exact same time as you. And I am not worried about crowds AT ALL. It is what it is, and I am not changing my trip. So I’ve come to terms that we might encounter some crowds. I’ve been at WDW during the dead of summer, so I don’t think it will be a huge deal. :cool:

My only problem with Thanksgiving week, is deciding whether to enter a major theme park on Thanksgiving Day. Hmmmm…decisions, decisions. :confused:


I agree with you. I am definately looking on the bright side of a busy time vs. a slow time. All the rides are open, parks are open late and there are more parades and fireworks are most every night. We went in Sept one year and there was so much closed for rehab and parks closed early.

I have been Easter week, July 4th week and a hot hot Aug week. To be able to walk around the parks and not sweat and die of heat sounds heavenly, crowds or not.

Most importantly we are super excited to see all the Christmas decorations (something we’ve never done before). As long as ADRs are made at the 180 day mark and days are planned, use Wish’s advise - not to go see the Osborne lights the day after Thanksgiving - it should be great!!! :wub:


Finals are over, I can finally return to the land of magic, whew… I don’t want to spam the forums with repetetive ick, so I have to mimic chottsy’s question, though we are flying in when I beleive she is leaving!

We will be there November 28th (Friday AFTER Thanksgiving) til December 3rd/4th (Wednesday/Thursday, not sure yet.) I’ll be officially finished with college a week prior and can’t wait until June to have a massive party on this massive accomplishment, so we’re gonna do the cliche thing and GO TO DISNEY WORLD!! :laugh:

Anyhow, we will probably do a park the Saturday after T-giving, take off Sunday, then save other park days for the following weekdays… How are crowds AFTER T-giving? (I can handle crowds, honestly, I’ve done Spring Break three times, but I don’t know if it’ll make my family crabby. And crabby people can just go home! :mad: )