Thanksgiving Day and weekend?


Due to conflicting schedules, I’ve bravely (stupidly??) booked a surprise trip for my Fab Five (ages 7-16) from November 25-December 1st.
I keep hearing horror stories about the crowds during this weekend…would those of you that have actually been there during this time please let me know exactly how horrible I should expect it to be???


The crowds are bigger than normal,but not too bad. I was at WDW on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2002,and Epcot was busy,but I could still walk around comfortably.


We’re actually arriving Thanksgiving night…so where would you suggest that we spend our first day (Friday) ???


Thanksgiving weekend is very busy, but on monday, tuesday, and wednesday after, the crowds should be a lot less. Joe


I’d avoid the park that has Extra Magic Hour for that day, which would be Animal Kingdom on Friday. If you’re staying on property, though, you might want to consider taking advantage of EMH. If you’re not on property, I’d stay away from AK.


I am planning on going over the Thanksgiving week and for Friday I am also planning to stay away from Magic Kingdom.


We are arriving the Sunday after Thanksgiving (Nov. 28th). I was planning on doing non-park activities for this day (perhaps Downtown Disney & visits to some of the hotels like the Boardwalk). My first day in the parks is going to be Mon. the 29th. My question is do you think that most people will be leaving on Sunday? If this is the case I’m wondering if Downtown Disney will be more crowded than I have been thinking. I’m assuming that if people are leaving on Sunday then they will probably get in a little shopping before they go rather then going to the parks.


My DH and I went in 2003 the week of Thanksgiving and since it wasn’t our very first trip there, we did everything we wanted to. We stayed on property and took advantage of EMH. We rode and did everything we wanted early in the morning and by mid-morning or around lunch time, the parks were starting to get REALLY busy so we just relaxed and walked around.

I heard a lot of people comment on how long the lines were, etc. but since we’re early birds and not our first trip we were OK. If it is your VERY FIRST trip, you might be in for a little disappointment. Otherwise, I think you’ll be just fine. Most people we talked to in the park were leaving on Sunday so I think the week following would be GREAT!!