Thanksgiving Dinner options


Help! My family and I are traveling to WDW for Thanksgiving as we do every year. We have tried all sorts of dinner options for our holiday dinner ( from Liberty Tree to the massive buffet dinners at the convention hall) and have not found one we like yet. I tried the Hoop Dee Do Review but all they have is 9:30 reservations left and with 4 year old that is going to be too late. Anyone have any good suggestions? We are staying at the Dolphin Resort and are open to any ideas, on property or off. Thanks!


Have you considered Ohana’s?


When we went we had Thanksgiving dinner at Liberty Tavern, I loved the family style thanksgiving dinner.


If yo are looking for someplace special maybe the California Grill at the CR. A nice meal with a nice view of the MK!


I second 'Ohana of you don’t want to go to Liberty Tree Tavern.


Just tried Ohana’s, Whispering Canyon and Hoop De Doo again…all booked unitl 8:30 -9:30 PM…We are planning on doing Magic Kingdom on Friday so will have an early start the next morning. I think the hard part is we have 7 in our group…so we have a few options of splitting up and eating earlier…hmmm kinda defeats the purpose of Thanksgiving dinner…lol…oh well will keep trying!


LTT would sound great for Thanksgiving Dinner, being it’s colonial themed. Just keep trying, and even try when you’re down there. People do cancel and you may get lucky!


aye i agree…


How about 1900 Park Fare Lane at the GF? Excellent buffet and Cinderella and Friends.