Thanksgiving Meal


Was wondering what recommendations anyone had for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

My parents will be along with us this trip. As well as that my mom informed me that her sister who loves in Kissimmee will be joining us for dinner that day. Since she is going to be with us, that leaves any park restaurants out (since she won’t have park tickets).

I originally thought about Hoop-de-Doo as something fun, but I think I am going to have to go with a “nice” traditional dinner. Few thoughts were Cali Grill and Narcossee’s, but since DD7 will also be with us, I’m not so sure. :blink:


If you want “fun”, try doing the Mickey’s BBQ at the Fort. It is the same as the BBQ (dancing with the characters, country music band, cowboy rope tricks, etc) but they serve Thanksgiving dinner in lieu of the BBQ.

We did this last year (2007) and we all had a great time!!!

Look at the atmosphere for “nice”. We are told that all the restaurants serve essentially the same meals.


For a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, I would suggest Liberty Tree Tavern.


Yes, LTT serves pretty much a Thanksgiving Dinner every night!


What about Whispering Canyon? I do believe that they serve traditional Thanksgiving fare that day.


I was thinking the same thing.:wink:


I thought the same thing too…but I don’t think they’ll be going into the park as her sister won’t have admission tickets…


Oops your right… guess that’s out unless they bring her a doggie bag… j/k:laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: That would be a pretty good doggie bag!



On another board, a member said they went to 'Ohana this past Thanksgiving. They wanted to eat their traditional fare…they were disappointed when they had a special Thanksgiving menu that day, with Turkey and all. BUT they were PLEASANTLY surprised when they got to eat! She said everything was INCREDIBLE! Turkey, stuffing, mashed, veggies…all with a Polynesian flare. She said it was GREAT! That’s what I’m SERIOUSLY considering right now…



Hmmmm…Ohana sounds interesting!! I never thought that they would have Thanksgiving food! Do you happen to know if they still had the hula dancer/singer lady for the kids? DD loves that! That sounds like a good option, thanks for the info!!!

Cali Grill is my next choice since we’ve never been there. Do you think they would have turkey, etc.?


I think they still did have all the fun stuff…I will find out for sure and let you know!

As for Cali Grill…I have no clue. :confused:




I think maybe something outside the park I would go for California Grill (awesome anytime) or Artist Point.


I don’t think so. Their menu is pretty far from turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and candied yams with pumpkin pie for dessert.


My family’s favorite turkey-day place is Liberty Tree Tavern


I’ll be honest, I LOVE HoopDeeDoo but the food quality isn’t exactly top notch. I would NOT choose to eat there on Thanksgiving day. We were there for Thanksgiving this past holiday & had AN AWESOME dinner at 1900 Park Fare. Almost ALL of the restaurants in WDW serve either a full Thanksgiving menu that day, or an “a la carte” Thankgiving menu along with some of their regular menu items, it varies. See if still has the 2007 Thanksgiving dining guide up, it will be a great help.

We ate LUNCH at LTT that day (exatly at noon), then had our real Thanksgiving feast at 1900 at 8:00pm. I wasn’t ‘over the moon’ about the food quality that day at LTT but was TOTALLY & pleasantly surprised with 1900, it was SOOO good! They had A LOT to choose from too.

I actually heard that Artist Point does a GREAT Thanksgiving meal! That would be a really nice place to go, atmosphere wise too.

Oh, here is the 2007 Thanksgiving food guide from allears: Thanksgiving Dining Options


Liberty Tree is definately out since my aunt won’t have park tickets.

Artists Point is a great option that I’ll look into too. I am always happy with my meal at 1900 Park Faire, but I don’t think my mom will like “buffet” for the holiday! :blink:


We went to the Garden Grille @ the Dolphin (not at the parks) and all the characters were available for pictures but the food was awesome, the service impeccable. Definately worth it. The reservations for this opened up later than the others because its done by the Dolphin which is owned by the Sheraton.


A friend I know from another site went to the one at the Swan/Dolphin, but it was in their Ballroom and LOVED it! She said of course, it’s not on the Dining Plan. But ALL the characters were there! She said each character had their own area, decorated with a backdrop and everything. They were all decked out in their holiday attire! It was a buffet, but she said the food was WONDERFUL. I’m trying to get more info on that, too.