Thanksgiving Thursday or Friday?


My parents have decided to take one of the great-grandkids to Florida when we go. My family is staying for a week but they are only staying a couple of days. They plan to spend one day at the Magic Kingdom and one day at SeaWorld. The two days are Thanksgiving and the next day. Any thoughts on which park would be best for Thursday and which for Friday? says to avoid MK on Thursday but both days are 8’s. Should I just take that at face value and go to SeaWorld on Thursday and MK on Friday or is there something else to consider?

We usually go a week or so later than Thanksgiving but can’t this year so I don’t know how to handle the actual Thanksgiving holiday.

Any thoughts?


In all my years I’ve never been anywhere close to WDW on Thanksgiving, or the day after, but we have family that go the Friday after and say it’s always madness. They still go though, so it must be fun.

Honestly, I am not sure which day would matter more or less. Although, I will be there for Thanksgiving dinner at EPCOT so I will most likely be fighting crowds too.


Any where you go that weekend will be crowded. SeaWorld is mostly shows that hold tons of people. So it’s not a bad bet. I’d skip MK and try Epcot. WS is more a touring area than a ride area.


My parents can only take this great-grandchild during Thanksgiving break and they know they want to go to SeaWorld one day and MK one day. Other than those stipulations the planning will pretty much be left up to me.

If it was just my family I wouldn’t worry so much as we have the fast pass / early arrival routine down pat so that we never stand in a line for very long. My parents however will be horrified at all the people though!