Thanksgiving Week Crowds


I am sure it’s been asked, but does anyone have experience with attending Disneyworld the week of Thanksgiving? I know that Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week will be insane, but how about the first part of the week?

I just went the week before Memorial Day and while it was busy, it wasn’t unbearable (it was Star Wars weekend at MGM on top of that!)

We will be checking in Sunday, Nov 18th and Checking out Saturday Morning, Nov 25th.

Thanks so much!

Angie (staying at Coronado Springs with DD Abby (8), DD Becca (5) and DH Dave (??)


I’m afraid that I’ve never stayed there at Thanksgiving, but I wanted to say Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Welcome to MB. From what I’ve read, the week should start out slow, with growing crowds. Thanksgiving day will be the worse day.


I was there last year and will be there this year for Thanksgiving week and as Cavey said, the weekend before Thanksgiving day is slow and crowds build to Thursday then the weekend after is not too bad. :smile:

Welcome to MB :smile:


Hi!! My boys and I have made it a ritual to go at Thanksgiving. The crowds are moderate on the Monday and Tuesday and start building Wednesday night and Thursday. We use the Unofficial Guide to WDW to decided at what park. MK is usually the worst. It is a great time to visit and each day moe Christmas decorations pop up and WDW slowly transforms to a Christmas Wonderland and you can really get in the mood for the holidays.
Maybe we will see you there!! We are arriving on Saturday November 18th and will be leaving on Monday November 27th. We are staying at the Caribbean Beach!!:happy:


My family and I went Thanksgiving week of 2003. The Sunday before the holiday was the first day we went to the parks, and it wasn’t too bad. It all went downhill from there, though. I really couldn’t tell that it was any more crowded on Thanksgiving day than the past three days. Be prepared for lines…

A friend went Thanksgiving week of 2005, and she said pretty much the same thing.


How about the week after Thanksgiving? We’ll be there from Nov. 27th til Dec. 3rd and are hoping it won’t be too crowded. Also, what is the weather like in Nov.? Last year we went in October and thought we were going to die from a heat stroke. :nuke:


When we went, the weather was nice, tending towards warm during the day. We wore shorts. In the evenings, it was cool, but not cold. Pants would be fine, maybe take a very, very light sweater or jacket. Certainly no overcoat necessary!


Hey- I will be there 11/27 to 12/4 whoo hooo


We will be going down from 11/24 to 12/2 (staying at POR). I’ve heard that from Wednedsay through Saturday night, it gets VERYCROWDED, but on Sunday the crowds drop off a great deal.

The weather is warm from what I can remember, mid 70’s to low 80’s during the day. I do know that we all needed very thick sweatshirts on the night of MVMCP. I think the temperature was in the high 40’s to low 50’s by 10:00 pm.


This should be a perfect time to visit with light attendance excepting MK and MVMCP (if it’s happening during these times). The weather should be much more comfortable than October. ENJOY!