Thanksgiving Week!


I was wondering how busy it is Thanksgiving week, My family and I are going this week and just wanted to know is it extremely busy this week. What park should would go to Thanksgiving Day? What Park is the most busiest this day?:simba:

Can’t wait until my next trip to WDW, Thanksgiving Week staying Saratoga Springs & Spa Resort:laugh:


The beginning of the week is kind of slow. Wednesday through the weekend is quite busy. MK is always the busiest park. But if it’ll make you feel any better, today’s Memorial Day. I’ve been walking around the MK passing time until the Pirate and Princess Party tonight and have literally walked on EVERY ride. So it’s always very unpredictable. Except Christmas. That’s always predictable :laugh: Can’t wait to see you down here!


I left today… Yesterday I was able to walk on almost every ride at MK as well. I was wondering what about christmas?


:phone: Thanks for the info what about dining which restaraunt on thanksgiving? We have never been on Thanksgiving. Do they have the christmas lights up during this time of year we are going?


From what I understand, everything will be decorated and festive. MK will definitely be the busiest park on Thanksgiving so I have opted for dinner at Chef Mickey (already made my ADR!!). I’ve also heard the same that the weekend prior up to about Tuesday, the crowds should be okay. Once Wednesday hits it could be dicey but let’s all think positive!!!


All the decorations will be up the day after the final MNSSHP (Nov. 2) at the MK. So definitely. A meal on Thanksgiving? MUST EAT AT LIBERTY TREE TAVERN!!! Their Thanksgiving style dinner is SO DELICIOUS AND WONDERFUL!!! Make rezzies NOW!!!


We have been to Libery Tree Tavern and we love the meal. I think were doing Ohana’s for Thanksgiving. My DS made all our dining reservations today. Thanks for the info!:laugh:


We were supposed to go for Thanksgiving last year and Ohanas was where we wanted to eat but I couldn’t get a ressie! I heard they serve a lot of wonderful food there on Thanksgiving in addition to the “regular” stuff!


Thanks for the information!:laugh:


The last few years, MK has had emh morning on Thanksgiving day, which makes it even worse. Avoid MK. We actually did Sea World last year on Thanksgiving day, and found it quite manageable. The Disney Water Park that is open during this time might also be a good option, depending on weather. We were there the day before Thanksgiving, and it wasn’t overly crowded then.


Hopefully this bodes well for me this coming weekend.

Experience tells me that you’re OK up until Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That’s when the bulk of guests will arrive by and they’ll stay through Sunday. That means by Monday after Thanksgiving, WDW is heading towards the lightest crowds of the year and it stays that way until Dec 16 or so and then the Christmas crowd starts to build.
As others said, MK always tends to be the most crowded park. AK will likely be closed at 5 every day, Epcot always closes at 9, except between Thanksgiving and New Year’s when they are open until 9:30. The Studios’ closing time will float all over the place. As early as 7:30 and as late as 10.
Make your dining reservations now. Decide which evening shows you want to see and which EMH and after than, be flexible with the little stuff. Look for targets of opportunity (short lines) and keep your eyes open for dropped fast passes. I found 4 Space Mountain fast passes on top of a trash can that I guess a family couldn’t use. I would have used them myself, but there was a sudden downpour and the queue emptied out so much I was able to walk around 3 times and ride with almost no wait and didn’t need the passes. So, I gave the passes to someone else.


By the way, I’m donaldschick sister! And I’m the DS she is referring to, not a son!:laugh: We are eating at Garden Grill on Thanksgiving day. So will Epcot be okay for Thanksgiving day? I’m thinking we may just take it easy that day hang around the resort and then head to Epcot for our ADR at Garden Grill.


That makes sense…I saw the location and I thought “Another South Carolinian!! We are growing!!”
I guess it still counts though!


:blink: Ha! Ha! Yes I am her Disney Sister, so what’s the code for Disney Sister. Oh by the way My DS does all the arrangements!:laugh:


My DW can claim ties to South Carolina. She went to USC and I think her father had a house up around Greenville.
Does that count?


I guess it could count but a true SC is born and raised in South Carolina:laugh:


I graduated from USC also!! I’m a Gamecock thru and thru. Since she is a Gamecocka and not a Tiger we will claim her!!!:laugh:


I lived for 16 years in Surfside Beach with my husband and daughter.

As for Epcot on Thanksgiving,I have been there on the actual holiday 3 years and did fine. It is crowded,but in no danger at all of being closed to capacity.