Thanksgiving/Black Friday in the parks?


There’s a possibility DH and I might go to WDW for a day while we are visiting in-laws in Tampa. Which would be the best of the evils? The Friday after Thanksgiving, or Saturday? Do these days ever get “capacity?” What would you suggest? We would be going mostly for atmosphere, it wouldn’t matter how much we “get done.” We’d love to do MK & EPCOT, but we’ll see.

What do you think? We have annual passes, do they let annual passers in when the park gets capacity, or do resort visitors only get priority?

HELP, I’ve never been anywhere near WDW on Thanksgiving weekend.


Good question. I will be there the Saturday after THanksgiving and also would love to know how crowded it will be. WHich park will be best for the Saturday? Thanks


I think it would probably be better to go on Friday,because with alot of locals probably going to all the sales,it might not be as crowded as feared.


I would guess Friday would be a little less crowded than Saturday but I’ve never been lucky enough to go at that time of year.


When we went for Thanksgiving it was way less crowded on Friday then on Saturday or Sunday. Then on Monday it was dead quiet! Thursday was excellent, we ate at the Crystal Palace and had a really nice time at the parks, Friday was busy, but my DW commented that Saturday and Sunday must be what it is like in the summer ! ! !

Enjoy and remember, a crowded day at the parks is better then a quiet day at home, anytime!


There is no “priority access” to the parks. It’s first come first served.

I gave some advice on the OH BOY thread.

You ought to take it, if WDW is ANYTHING like Disneyland.

The day after Thanksgiving in Anaheim is a ZOO


The UG lists Thanksgiving weekend as the #3 most crowded time.

Christmas: 80,000
Easter: 65,000
Thanksgiving: 60,000
January: 25,000-30,000

However, since you are an AP holder, and not spending extra money on tickets, I would go and enjoy the “little” things while others line-up at the headliners.


I say the same thing, you have an AP, you are near Disney so why not just go enjoy the day. I think Friday would be better than Saturday since Saturdays are normally busy at the MK.


According to Touring Plans, both Friday and Saturday are predicted to have a crowd level of 8. So whatever you choose, HAVE FUN!!! And just take it all in. You’re one of the lucky ones who go frequently that you don’t have to worry what you do and what you don’t do. :wub: