That was a waste of time


Not exactly sure where this belongs but thought this would be the place since it re: dining at WDW.
I had sent in a request/comment awhile back asking if Disney would ever consider the option of incorporating a Jr meal options and/or rate for tweens/early teens in their dining facilities since many here, including myself, have issues with the prices/options available for 10-13 yr olds.
This response came today:

[I]Thank you very much for your electronic communication with some suggestions for the WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort. We are always pleased to hear from our Guests and truly take their comments and concerns seriously. We appreciate your taking the time to write to us.

Regarding your admissions and dining suggestions, they could be considered to be in the nature of creative suggestions or ideas. [B]I must take this opportunity, therefore, to mention that our company has a long-established policy which does not allow us to accept for review or consideration any creative ideas or suggestions sent to us from outside the company[/B]. Our intention by this policy is to avoid misunderstandings when projects or ideas are created internally which might be similar to any external submissions we may receive. Also, as required, we will not retain any copies of those specific suggestions.

We try very hard to listen to and to convey appropriately our Guests’ comments and concerns, yet still abide by our policy not to accept any creative ideas or suggestions. We hope that you understand. Again, please accept our best wishes and our heartfelt thanks for your interest in writing us.

Very truly yours,

William Silverwood


Blah, Blah, Blah. At least they responded:glare::frown:


Maybe a similar plan is in the works?


Well, if they haven’t thought about it before i’m sure they will now so hat’s off to the “internal employee” that gets the credit for the submission. :happy:

I’d just be happy to be able to take my DD11 to a TS and actually order something she’d eat AND not feel as though we’re going broke paying for it.


Boloney… I think that they very much listen to our ideas, but they can’t say that, or some moron would sue them for the use of their ideas… I bet they listen to everything that is said, and written about Disney… Not that they follow everything, but they are on the pulse of what people think…


I agree. I think they have people specifically to scope out websites, chat sites, emails, surveys etc. to get feedback and ideas from their guests.


What hanwill said, they are afraid of being sued. If they accept your idea and then implement it sometime later, you might want to get a piece of the Disney pie.

This rule of theirs has been in place forever. It is a waste of time to try and communicate with the company. They get what they are interested in through all those surveys they have going on online and in the parks, by mail, through their CMs and what they hear and, of course, through what goes on in forums. That’s only to be expected.

I love your idea with the teen plan.


I think it is a great idea…but I agree with the other “Mousebuzzers”! I was looking thru my old scrapbook from 1986 and I was paid for at the Jr pricing!!

Funny! Everything old is new again.


Oh I agree too just thought i’d share the response in case anyone thought to write in suggestions to let them know it’d be a waste of time. And if they do search forums as mentioned let it be stated that I EXPECT NOTHING, except an affordable meal with age appropriate options for the younguns Disney considers adults. :wink:


You are right- there is a gap with kids… HOwever, I have heard that they let some kids order off the adult menu- but I bet it is out of the norm to do that… You have a great idea- let’s see how long it takes to implement that idea…


It’s standard corporatespeak for “we don’t acknowledge unsolicited ideas from anyone other than a Disney employee because we don’t want to have to pay you royalties, commissions, or any compensation for your idea because we need to own 100% any and all intellectual properties”.

Just for a point of reference, watch the movie “Flash of Genius” which is about the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper and his battle with Ford Motor when they took his designs and never compensated him, despite his holding the patents.


One unintended side effect which they do not want is a precedent which could lead to a “tween” price tier on tickets.


I second, third, forth and fifth everything everyone has said. The world we live in is just too litigious.


You should join DVC. At least member services takes our suggestions. They may not pay any attention to them but they don’t send such a BS reply, although I see their reasoning.

“We value your opinions, but pound sand!?!?!” Sounds like something out of Washington.

I sent a suggestion to the ski area that I go to years ago about incorporating a daycare to offer something for the little ones who go out in the morning and don’t want to go out for the afternoon session. They didn’t respond or incorporate it in time for MY kids but they have all sorts of kids ski and non ski activities now.

I’m waiting for my commission check. :laugh:


I’ve never been concerned about a tween price on tics, and really don’t know where he got that from in the reply sent back, since i’ve always thought we get our $ worth in the parks with so much to accomodate all ages. My concern was in the food choices vs price for those who haven’t developed a mature appetite or taste pallet, therefore wasting $ attempting to take them to a TS. I suggested an offering of the kids meal at a higher price for Jr’s similar to that of “Big Kids Meals”. ex. 5 chic tenders instead of 3 at a slightly higher rate as opposed to a Rosemay Honey-Glazed roasted breast of chic with portabello mushrooms type of meal.


Mickeybug, I was just trying to follow the way the corporate minds might think.
1+1= 4 to them sometimes because they add in X. Even if you didn’t.
“If they already have this and we give them that when they ask for it, this and that must lead to something else”.


relax. I wasn’t trying to call you out as I know you wern’t doing the same. The he I was referring to was the paralegal that sent the letter.
Just conversation about a topic i’m sure we all agree on. All is good:happy:
luv ya babe


[QUOTE=Mickeybug;993538]The he I was referring to was the paralegal that sent the letter.
Just conversation about a topic i’m sure we all agree on. All is good:happy:
luv ya babe[/QUOTE]

Actually, I had to reread the official response a few times to see if Disney or I was the first to mention tweens.
And it was me. Their response was corporate policy standard response.
I was giving my impression.
This is all just discussion, nothing more. I didn’t feel called out. What I thought was that you took one of my comments and attributed it to the Disney paralegal, not the other way around.


This is the reason I don’t bother to write Disneyland to complain about the state of Indiana Jones, and that’s something that really matters to me. First… I don’t think they care. Second… “Restore it to its former glory? That sounds creative. Can’t listen to THAT nonsense…”


I think that is a great idea my daughter is going to be considered an adult next year, and she eats like a bird. Disney would be wasting food on serving her especially since we have the free dining next year.


My take on making a food policy for tweens is different than yours, since I have very large boys. I can tell you that my boys could eat their weight in food at any one sitting, even at that age. My guess is that they’ve seen more than their share of tweens that fit into that category and therefore making a separate policy for them would not be cost effective.

Nice to hear they are not all that way though. :happy: