Thats me taking down


the flag in Magic Kingdom! Pretty cool huh? And in between your fun stuff this weekend remember there is a war going on and we should be thanking those fighting it and offering up a prayer for all who have fallen no matter what war!


Amen, we must never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice


Here here!


Amen. And Thanks for your part Frankco. :flowers:


You’re so right Franco!! I also urge everyone to watch the National Memorial Day Concert on PBS tonight at 8 Eastern time.

BTW,will you be taking down the flag on your upcoming trip?


yes god bless all the men and women who are still over seas fighting and trying to give freedom to a country. my pryers go out to all those ppl


What a great picture, Franco!


Thank you for the reminder of what this weekend is really about Franco!

My thoughts and prayers go to the servicemen/women and their families of the past, present and future!

Great picture!


What an amazing picture! I’m so glad you got the chance to do that.

Prayers for our Heros.

Thanks, Franco, for reminding us what today is about, and thank you for serving us in such a way that we can never really know what you went through, but I, for one, am most appreciative of the privaledge to live in the USA.


Franco - you are awsome! I was just out watering my flowers and straightening our American Flag…I am so proud to be an Amercian and that is because of people like you! :heart: :heart:


First off; God Bless all the men and women who fought for our Freedom and also for all those who are at war right now: may they all come home safely to their family and loved ones.

Secondly, how were you able to take part in this ceremony? What’s the whole story? That must have been very cool…


God Bless you Franco, and all others who have served.


I will say an extra prayer and send a extra thought to all of our soldiers past and present. I love that picture of you Franco. :heart:


What an honor to take down the flag! You are right, whether or not we support the war, ALWAYS support our troops! We owe our freedom to you Franco54 and all of those who have served!


Hey look, another picture of me taking down the flag at Magic Kingdom!! ( I never had to salute very often, I was always in the bush, thats why its not a very good one)


Thanks to you Franco and all of the other brave men and women who have protected us throughout our history.


Hey Franco, that is such a special moment. Thanks for sharing! :smile:


It’s a Great picture, Franco. The salute look perfect.


What an honor Franco! One of our dearest frineds lost thier 24 year old son in Iraq. No, we won’t forget and are so proud of our men in the armed forces.