The 24 hours of Disney at Mk in May


Ok who all is planning on going to Magic Kingdom on Friday May 22nd for the 24 hour MK event? Has anyone else been to one of these events for a 24 hour park marathon can you help to give me some advice? We are planning on doing a long weekend and only planning on a one day park ticket to save a little money instead of trying to do a couple or three days at the park figured we would take advantage of free thing that can be done at Disney. Because, in all the trips we have been on we have never just taken time to enjoy other things that can be done for free at Disney seems like we have always spent all our time in the parks.


I’m never at disney at the right time, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has done this.

Last May MK had a EMH until 2 am. DH and I ate dinner, took a short nap and went back to the park about 11 ish. It was the first time we ever did late late night hours. It was great.


Ive never been here- but I was at the MK the day after- every CM was exhausted, but still so pleasant. They did tell me that the day before was packed! If you can stay late, do- it is a different atmosphere, but oh so fun! As far as free things, I would suggest taking a boat from Port Orleans (either french quarter or riverside) to DTD. It is a peaceful ride, and a little longer than going from going to Wilderness lodge by boat… I would also suggest riding the monorail. Have fun!


our plans for the MK day are to be at the park in time for the opening ceremonies and head straight to the frozen characters for the meet and greet. Following that we will do as much as possible until around noon. Then we will head back to the resort for a nap before returning to close the park down at 6 a.m. the next morning.


We were there last year, although we didn’t stay for the whole night, so I can’t really help you there. What I do remember is that I figured it would calm down late at night and we would be able to get on attractions easier if we stayed late and the exact opposite was true. The crowds seemed to pour in after dark and it just kept getting busier. We thought it was a fun atmosphere, but had been there all day, so called it quits around midnight and headed back to the resort. Oh, and there was a commemorative pin that I was excited to see because I collect pins for any special day we are there. Pick it up early if you want it, though, because they were selling a lot of them. I got mine at the Emporium.

I wish I could be more help :sad:


I am hoping that it settles down around 1a.m. or so the rides will be easier to get on.


I’d say by 2 AM most rides will be walk ons.
Too bad this event’s timing never works for us to attend.


It falls on the last day of my Me, Mom and Sister trip. So, will be checking out of BLT that day, which is a bummer, as if we had one more night, that would be so convenient just to walk back and forth whenever we please. Already set up with Sister to walk over right at 6am to get some of the special merchandise, but if it starts getting crowded, we have no problem hopping to another park.


We decided tonight to modify the reservations and do a quick service plan instead so we would not be tied down to table service reservation times. We are also planning to be at the park for the opening at 6 a.m. so we can hopefully get several things done before it gets to crowded. I am going to rent the scooter for my wife next week since she would not last past a few hours if she had to walk with her back.


We are not going to be there for the 24 hr event but will be there in April. We are only planning one day at the park because like you, in all these years we have never just been there to enjoy all the other things there are to do. We are so excited to just go and relax and enjoy being there!