The age old question of which resort


If you had to choose between Colorado Springs and Caribbean Beach which would you choose and why? Also which one is better if you wanted to hang around the resort for a day or two and not go to a park?


I have only stayed at the colorado one time, and never the Caribbean Beach yet. But I would think that the CB would be the best with it having a Beach Theme.


Having stayed at CSR while at WDW for a convention, I can honestly say I would not pick it for a vacation.


we love cbr! the pool is fun!


CBR is great, especially if you are wanting to hang around there a day or two. Each island has it’s own pool as well as beach area. There is also an awesome, big themed pool. The resort is huge with several places to explore and spend time. Castaway Cay is a nice retreat.


This question gets asked ALOT. Might as well ask heads or tails and flip a coin. You either love CSR or you pretty much hate it. We love it there. We did stay at CBR once and did not enjoy it. It could be because we were in Trinidad South. Which is farthest away from the main resort. I would like to try CBR again if I was promised a room closer to the main building.


Definitely Coronado Springs! Queen beds, newly renovated rooms and so much more.


I would pick CBR over CSR just on the theme alone. I love the feel of CBR and the resort is just so pretty.


I love CSR!! It’s one of my favorite resorts. However, for spending a day around the hotel, I’d probably go with CBR.


We would definitely pick the CSR. We’ve stayed there eight times and will be back in September for our ninth stay. We love everything about it (as did our kids when they traveled with us and we have numerous friends with young children who love it and are planning to go back next year)–from the wonderful CM’s, the food choices, the great main pool, the hot tub, queen beds, sliding doors separating the bathroom from the bedroom, etc. Yes, it is a convention resort but it truly is a benefit as while they are in meetings, the pool and buses are emptier (and the CSR is not the only convention resort at Disney – the Contemporary, Yacht Club, Boardwalk, etc. are also convention resorts).

We’ve not stayed at any of the other moderates, but we have visited them all a number of times. The CBR would be the absolute last moderate we would pick – terrible food court and don’t care for what they did to the rooms at all. Plus, we go to the beach every year before or after our Disney stay and really don’t need a “tropical beach” theme.


CSR - queen beds standard.


Having only stayed at the CBR I can’t compare the two but the theming at CBR appeals to me alot more. I would think that the CBR would appeal more to parents with younger kids too.


I have stayed at both, and like both. CBR has double beds, so for my family I would choose CSR because they have queen beds. If it was just my husband and I, we would choose CBR.


CSR!!! It’s so beautiful at night! Very scenic, a great resort to go for walks!


I have never had the opportunity to stay at CSR but it looks very festive. The Mexican atmosphere along with the pool and new interactive food court looks very inviting. I would defiantly try it.
I have
stayed at CBR and it reminds me of many hotels in Ocean City Maryland or New Jersey shore. Too commercial and not enough Disney Magic. The walk is very long to the main buildings, food court and the bus stop so if you do stay here, check the resort map out first and be sure to request a building close to the amenities you use the most.

Hope this helps.


I suggest that you pick CB like the above answers the Corando is mainly for conventions


[QUOTE=disneycouple30;1032076]I suggest that you pick CB like the above answers the Corando is mainly for conventions[/QUOTE]CSR is a convention reosrt but so are the GF, Y&BC, Cont and Swan and Dolphin. That doesn’t make any of them a bad choice.

Because of the convention aspect, you get queen beds, a fitness center, spa, salon, dance club and much more.


I’ve stayed at CBR three times and loved it each time. I loved the theme and decor.