The airfare game; to wait, or not to wait? HELP!


I am starting to get a little nervous about airfare for our cruise next year. We are attending the April 11th-18th, 2009 Disney cruise but want to fly into Orlando on the evening of the 9th & stay at SSR for two nights.

I have NEVER paid more than $288. for a flight from Newark to Orlando (including Thanksgiving when I bought my tickets early), now I DO understand gas prices are sky high & those dates are Spring Break BUT the rates just came out this week and it’s being listed for those dates as OVER $500 per person??? :eek: WHAT, to ORLANDO??? That is more than I’ve ever paid to fly to California!

Now, here’s my real question, do you think the prices are so high because the rates for those dates were JUST released and the price may go down if I wait? Or, is it only up & up from here on out?

I LITERALLY don’t know what to do. :sad: If I am forced to pay $1,000 for us to fly to Orlando I am literally going to cry. :sad: I thought for sure if I bought this early it wouldn’t have been more than $650 for the BOTH of us total.


I would definitely wait. I would think they would go down at least a little. I would rather drive then pay those kind of prices.


Wish to be honest I have seen rates be extremely high or low 6 months out. I would wait just alittle longer and see if they go down a bite


I would wait till it gets closer. What I did was book with what I thought was a good dind with SWA. When I seen another cheaper one I canceled and rec credit and then used the credit for my DD9 who decided to join me last minute.
I would say wait to see what happens.


I would definitely wait. I believe you are correct about the high price. It is so far out, they figure if someone is willing to pay that much great! I think the price will come down. Of course there are no guarantees. Personally, I would watch it for a while longer.


Given that it’s so far away yet, I would wait. If it was closer, I’d book and hope it comes down. Dang fuel costs!!! :ph34r: :mad: We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you that it comes down!!


Check everyday Wish. You’d be surprised or maybe not on how the prices go up or down in just one day. We bought our tickets last January for our Dec. trip. Last time I checked, they have more than doubled.:ohmy:


Man, I hate the airfare game. I would say wait a bit and watch the trends. I used to be able to predict airfares but not anymore!


Airfare is getting really frustrating. Flights from Knoxville to Orlando have been over $500. It is to a point where it is too high to travel, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


I’d wait…I am by no means a ticket purchasing guru but I do know that with the way everything is right now (gas…everything) it will hopefully all go down or else people are just going to stop going places!! Sit on it awhile and see what the economy does.


I’d wait, too.

I am going Thanksgiving week and I am checking out airfares…I can’t find it cheaper than $500 per person right now! I guess we’ll be driving…:laugh:


It’s hard when you want all parts of your trip booked and one thing holds you up, but I’m on board with everyone else, I’d wait. I’ve been looking for good airfare for early December since January and find NOTHING that I’m willing to book at this time. I just can’t see paying $299 a person (my family of 4 + 2 inlaws). I don’t think I’ve ever paid over $178 for a roundtrip nonstop from Detroit to Orlando and actually two years ago paid as little as $88 roundtrip non stop; it’s just driving my batty. I know there are lower fares if there’s a layover, but with a 6 and 7 yr old I want the quickest flight possible. I check prices everyday in hopes that that awesome fare will show up. You still have a ways to gol, I’m sure something good will pop up for ya!


I know when I book with Continental I asked once about if the airfare lowered and she told me that I can call back and get the reduced rate if it went down!

It’s worth the phone call to ask . . . :happy:


I would wait a while. Check everyday and as soon as you see a reasonable price for the flights you want, I would book it. I did this with our June tickets and I’m glad I did. They went back up to sky high and have stayed that way so far.


Its hard to know what to do- I was in your position with our flights to the USA from here- I kept waiting and waiting hoping they would go down but in fact it was the opposite, they started to go up- In the end I think it was Dana who said you just have to book and then stop looking- and thats what we did. Air fares now are at the mercy of all kinds of surcharges fuel, security etc and its us who is feeling the brunt of that sadly.


I would totally wait. We usually book our spring break airfair in the fall. I know it is Easter this time for you, so you will have to watch closely, but I think it will come down.


The airline industry will suffer even more if they keep those prices up. No one will fly and they will be out of business. Keep checking. If they don’t come down, book Amtrak. It will take longer but it will be hundreds cheaper!


I hate the airfare game…I just buy it. Pick a number you can live with and get it. Dont’ wait to long…who knows what airfare will cost in a month or two.


I think I am going to at least wait until the end of summer. Gas prices are always highest during the summer so maybe if things get really outrageous the airlines will have no choice but to offer better rates. If people suffer all summer being broke they are going to have to do SOMETHING to get people to travel. [keeping fingers crossed] Thanks you for all your suggestions.


Good news… the same flights I was looking at on Continental already dropped from $588. to $438. which is STILL outrageous to me but I am going to have to understand it’s Spring Break & I never have flown during Spring Break so it’s GONNA be high $$. Anyway, it’s looks like the prices will drop more (HOPEFULLY) and they’ve already added more times on that ‘cheaper’ rate which makes me feel a little better. I think the HIGHEST I will agree to pay would be $375. :pinch:. I’m tryin’ to be realistic here. I think my days of flying to Orlando for around $200 are gone.

We’ll see.