The Allentown Dismeet was awesome!


DH and I went to the Dismeet in Allentown on Saturday and it was SO MUCH FUN. They had speakers talking about all things disney-pin trading,scrapbooking, cruising, wining and dining, Disneyland, hidden mickeys. They gave out great prizes! They gave out freebies like pins, passporter books, and laynards. They had an auction of disney items and I won a cookie jar to add to my collection! :phone:If you missed it this year and you are anywhere close be sure to sign up when they announce it next year. It sold out fast this year. You can be sure I will sign up as soon as it is announced.:mickey: :mickey:



I wish I could have gone, Nikki and I really wanted to go, but I was told that it was sold out when I contacted them…

Can you share some of your wealth…