The Aloha Luau At The Poly?


:tongue: Has anyone recently had an opportunity to go to the Aloha Luau at the POLY?? I would like to hear your reviews! How was the food and how was the show? Many thanks!!! :heart:



It’s not run by Disney proper, and it shows.

Run. Run now. Go to the character breakfast at O’Hana’s. See Lilo and Stitch. :biggrin: Much cheaper and much more fun. The food is also much better. And the CMs are much nicer than the (again, non-Disney) servers at the Luau. :happy:



We went to the Luau on Christmas Eve. It was okay but the food wasn’t anything special. My husband and two boys left right after dinner, my daughter and I stayed a bit longer but she didn’t like it either so we left as well. I’ve heard other people rave about it but my experience was not very positive.


But what about the show? Who cares about food, if it’s bad that’s only more authentic Hawaiian :laugh:
I just want to go to see some good Polynesian dancing…how is that part of it?


The show was like Grease goes Hawaiian. I didn’t find it very impressive but I think maybe I would have enjoyed it more if my family wasn’t so unhappy.


We were there in Nov 05…I liked the food and the show. :smile:


Yay!!! My favorite debate!!!

The luau is AWESOME!!! The food is great, all you can eat, and MUCH better than Ohana, and once you get to the hula and fire dancing (towards dessert), the show is wonderful; it is truly amazing what they can do.


now THATS what I wanted to hear! The spirit of the island :heart: I miss Hawai’i and Polynesian dance soooooooooooooooooooooo much I need my fix! I will FOR SURE be at the Lu’au :smile:


Tessa you will love it!!! It is one of our favorite things to do on vaca at WDW!


THANK YOU EVERYONE for your reviews/opinions. Well DS and his DGF are still going to go despite pro and con reviews. I will post back once they return from WDW to update you all on their review of the LUAU! They will be in Disney for Spring Break from their college (03/05-11/2006)!!! Much appreciated!!! :wink:


We just went 2 weeks ago & enjoyed it (the show) but the food was just OK, I was really hungry & kind of felt rushed since I wanted to keep on eating but everyone else at our table was already done & on to desert. We had a place near the stage I was singled out by one of the guys on stage to come up (just for a quick second) but my DS got a real kick out of that. He also got to go up on stage (all the kids did) to learn a few dance moves. We enjoyed it over-all.


Ha ha …I bet you will be a regular there Tessa :smile:


I agree - we loved the food and the show was good once they got to the hula and fire dancing! :mickey: