"The Attic" at Boardwalk Villas


OK, so this last trip, we discovered a very, very cool room that we never knew existed. It is The Attic at Boardwalk Villas, and you have probably seen it above Jellyrolls and thought it was part of the bar! But it is actually a beautiful party room with a great patio overlooking the water. I have to think it would include fireworks views from both Epcot and MK.

We saw a sign near the BWV elevators directing a wedding party to The Attic, so we followed along to investigate, and wow, what a cool room we discovered. DD wants to have her rehearsal dinner there someday, so I guess that means we might be planning a Disney wedding in a decade or so!

No need to be a DVC member to book the room.

Here is a link about the room: Attic at BoardWalk Receptions | Wishes Weddings | Disney World Weddings

This descripton is from Magicalkingdoms:

This cozy room, with large windows overlooking the BoardWalk and Crescent Lake, is known as Disney World’s “Best Kept Secret.”

Filled with over-sized chairs, loveseats and antiques, this room also features a covered terrace, and is located on the third floor of the BoardWalk Villas Resort.

Perfect for a romantic cocktail party or reception.

Minimum Food and Beverage Requirements

Functions beginning prior to 2pm
$75 per person, plus 20% service charge and 6.5% sales tax.

Functions beginning after 2pm
$100 per person, plus 20% service charge and 6.5% sales tax.

Minimum food & beverage costs can be comprised of pre-reception, reception, wedding cake and all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Special Requirements for this Venue

Food and Beverage Minimum Totals required:
Events ending prior to 5pm - $2,500 (excluding 20% service charge and 6.5% sales tax.)
Events ending after 5pm - $4,500 (excluding 20% service charge and 6.5% sales tax.)

Buffet menus only.

Suitable for:
Reception, rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch.

Maximum capacity is 50 guests.

Existing seating arrangements must be used.


Here’s a pic of The Attic’s lakefront windows and the huge balcony part, over the Jellyrolls entrance:


Oh wow that’s awesome! I wonder how the noise factor is from below in the evenings. I love seeing all the hidden spots at Disney. Gives me one more place to dream about.


DD has looked this site over so many times I can only imagine size of the bill she will present when the day arrives. :eek:


wow, i’ve never seen that before. thats way too cool


That is beautiful. I had no idea it was there, I guess I thought it was empty space.


That looks awesome!


That is just fantastic - how cool would it be to have a get together up there then down to Jellyrolls.


Carrie (of InsideDisneyWeddings podcast) and Patrick had their wedding reception in the attic. The Disney Wedding Blog: Wedding Spotlight: Carrie + Patrick

If you’re looking for some attic eye candy, Carly’s blog has plenty - The Disney Wedding Blog: The Attic


My niece got engaged at Christmas and wants a “destination” wedding - I think I’ll send her the info on the “Attic”. It looks so nice!


That looks soooo nice! I have seen that balcony many times but just presumed it was part of Jelly Rolls.


llama, I have to tell you that the pictures don’t do it justice! It is really much more beautiful in person. The ceiling is really high and the view is incredible. It would be a phenomenal place to celebrate!

I wish I had taken my camera to get some better photos of the room so you could see even more stuff.

To get to The Attic, take the elevators to the 3rd floor and take the left-side hallway to the very end. It’s a long, very fun walk to a lovely room!


Better set aside a change jar, so that when the time comes… :laugh: