The becoming of my DH


For years I felt like I have been dragging my DH to WDW. On our many trips, he never complains but nothing about Disney ever really got him excited. I thought he was just humoring me all these years because he knows how much I love Disney.

So last month, the day before my birthday, he takes me to lunch. While we are waiting for our food, he looks at me with this silly little grin he has. I know this grin and it usually means trouble. I’m thinking he is gonna tell me he got yet another speeding ticket ,volunteered me to have a dinner party for thirty people, or something like that… which he does do quite often.

Well he proceeds to tell me that secretly he has been looking into going to WDW in January and staying at the CR and was that okay with me. He practically had to scrape me off the floor.:eek: Are you kidding? Is it okay with me? I didn’t even want to wait for lunch. It was killing me. I wanted to get to my laptop and start planning.

Well by the time I got to the laptop the CR was already completely sold out. I got a hold of Mickey at Mousketrips and we are now offically booked at the Poly.

I am totally shocked that this trip is totally DH’s idea. I had given up any hope of going this winter because we have already been to WDW in Jan. of 2006, Dec. of 2006, and Disneyland in June/July 2006. He must really be coming around.

I’m off to go figure out the new countdown thingie. YEAH!:happy: :happy: :happy:


Oh, yay! What a sweet husband. And I see your countdown is up and running!


yay for you. I am excited for you. Now on to planning and packing. After all only 91 days to do that…


He’s coming around all right…good DH! Get on the phone and make your ADRS…STAT! lol Then get the packing lists, and shop for new clothes…om there is so much to do and only 91 days to do it…lol


REDTIRE!!! Your husband ROCKS!! What great news!!!

I’m so excited for you!!!

YAY!! :heart:


Awesome, when are you going to go in January?


Yes, I do have such a sweet husband… He DOES totally ROCK!!!

91 days seem so far away. I guess I will have to fill my days until then with planning, shopping, packing, and hanging out with all you wonderful people.

Not so bad, eh?


We’ll be there the 10th through the 16th. We had to go during MLK weekend so that the kiddos are only missing two and a half days of school. It will probably be busy, but it will be Disney. Busy Disney is better than no Disney anyday.:happy: :happy:


Great news! I’m so happy for you! Have you ever stayed at the Poly?


Nope. We have never stayed at the Poly. As a matter of fact we have never stayed on site. We always stay in a three bedroom condo off site becaus I of the three kids.

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in June and the kids actually liked all of us being in the same room together… Me and DH in one bed, the two boys in the other and my DD in the daybed. Since the Poly has just about the same set-up, I figured we should give it a try.:happy: :happy:


YEAH!! a disney trip for you!!

How exciting!! Looks like we’ll be there some simialar dates!


What a great guy you married!


How AWESOME!!! I WISH my DH would come around like that!!! :huh:

And you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the Poly! It’s my favorite hotel!!! We stayed there for 3 nights in Dec 2003 and it was my favorite trip EVER!!!


Some people are better at HIDING their Disney Addiction.

“Hello, I’m Richard and I’m a Disney Addict.” - Admitting the problem is part of the cure. Wait, there IS no cure for WDWAS. Well at least admitting the problem then you don’t have to hide it anymore!

POLY wasn’t my first, but she’s my fav. I’ll even use my DVC points to stay there which cost more than staying at one of the DVC locations, but it doesn’t take much to request POLY.

POLY tip for you. Bottle of wine, POLY beach, and MK fireworks.


It will be an anniversary trip BUT … I just couldn’t leave the kiddos behind so it won’t be as romantic as if we were alone but it will be fun.

Guess we’ll just sip water while we watch the fireworks… .:blush:


That was a great story! Congrats on your trip and your first onsite stay, you’re gonna love it!