The best building at POP


I need to figure out what is the best building that is a standard room at POP. I seen the 1960’s has my fav Mr. Potato Head… Any info please would help me out!!


For our honeymoon, we stayed in the 70’s wing. Our building had a giant Mickey phone that was as tall as the building. The building facing us had a giant Big Wheel cycle and there was a giant foosball table which was about 20 feet high. SO you could walk in between the players.

DW and I absolutely love it and when the time comes to stay there again, we will probably ask for the 70’s wing again!


We love the 70s, too, King. The Big Mickey Phone. But we want the VERY CORNER of that building - close to Goofy’s Splash Area. Not too much of a walk to the Classic Hall, at all.


Funny you mention that Erin. Our room was not in the corner but a couple doors down, so in the morning it was easy to go down the steps. Of course at night after walking at the parks, the elevator was the only way to go hehehehe


We stayed in the 80’s building last year.
It was VERY quiet and out of the way. If you don’t mind a little walk to the foodcourt or the pools, its a great quiet place. We loved it!



What building is Mr. potato head? Is it a standard?? Far walk?


I have stayed in both the 50’s and 80’s, and both were fine. I would chose the 70’s or 80’s if I could choose, I like that side a bit better.

The only Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head I remember are small, about 4 feet high, and they are on the far side of the 70’s, on the way to the 80’s building.


Thanks Mickey. I will call to see if I can get one of those rooms. Does anyone know what room building I can see the fireworks?


As Pop is the resort that is the farthest away from everything, I don’t think you can get a view of the fireworks. Then again, DW and I were at the parks to see the shows and did not try to see them from room


you can see the fireworks at epcot from the 4th floor of the 50’s bldg. We stayed there last January and were also very close to the food court.


We’re in the 60’s Building. Anyone have experience with that?


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Great! thanks… I want to call to reserve that room


Hey, about that 60’s building???