The BEST christmas present EVER!


just got back from our weekend bay lake tower stay!!! OMG it was the most amazing place EVER!!! i can’t think of a more magical way to end a year as a passholder. i don’t think i can hold out to go back in 2013. we don’t want to over do it with the girls plus i am a harry potter FREAK so we are doing universal this year. we were on the 12th floor!!! bay lake view but it rivaled an MK view anyday. we could see spaceship earth, tower of terror, the hat, mickey ears tower, everest and the tree of life. i even spotted the giant waterslide at blizzard beach this morning. we were able to watch wishes from the hotel hallway, go back to our room and watch illuminations and could have seen the electrical parade but we were so tired we fell asleep before that. nothing will be cooler than seeing illuminations from the comfort of a couch!!! the girls got special treatment from their two favorite fairies and got to meet their new favorite princess tiana!!! dumbo was walk on. it was cold but awesome!!! will tell you more about it tommorrow! :wub::wub::wub::wub:


awesome picture!!! they are so cute :laugh: cant wait to hear more!!!


Adorable picture! Can’t wait to hear more!


Wow! Sounds like an awesome trip! Can’t wait to hear the details.


Sounds like you had a great trip. Cant wait to read more and see more pictures.


here we go! may take me a couple days since the girls are still unwinding!
dates: 1/9/10-1/10/10 (soooo short :frown:)
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So me being the disney freak in the family planned on leaving the house at 4:30am. the plan was to get there and hope our room would be ready so we could eat our packed breakfast. well dh of course took his own sweet time and we didn’t end up leaving til 5. not too bad i guess. well until we get about a half hour away and he realized he left the coffee pot on. so we had to turn around and go all the way back home.:mad::mad::mad: he drinks decaf. who drinks decaf!!! so by 6 we were FINALLY on the road again. i was NOT happy with him at all!!!
here’s some pre departure pictures!


i drove til daytona and while normally i could drive the whole way no issue, i was getting really tired. i’ve literally had two days off of work since thanksgiving so i was drained. we pulled over in daytona because i swear we saw snow in the headlights!!! i’m from buffalo and LOVE snow every once in awhile! so we tried to get a picture. you’ll have to use some imagination but i swear there is snow in this picture!!!


The girls are too cute with the fairies! I see I am not the only mom who puts their little ones to bed in blanket pj’s


At least your DH remembered about the coffee pot before you actually got the WDW.


Your girls are adorable :smile: I want to read lots of tips for taking toddlers to the world!!


So i figured the rest of the trip would be uneventful but of course it starts to sleet. it wasn’t that bad though. tito somehow managed to take an exit to universal. at first i was going to kick his butt, but then i saw the most glorious thing ever… HOGWARTS!!! i went from wanting to kick his butt to wanting to hug and kiss him! unfortunately i got only one very far away picture but i was THRILLED nonetheless!!! the rest of the ride was uneventful. we got on disney property and got rerouted because of the marathon. we managed only one wrong turn!!! one our way past fort wilderness we saw some turkeys on the side of the road. a little further down we saw where all the runners just kinda tossed thier jackets on the side of the road. i’m suprised disney didn’t have a clean up crew picking those up!


they’re HEAVEN!!! especially in cold weather!


snacks, plan for naps and breaks and LOTS OF PATIENCE!!! (some alcohol can help too :happy:)


So we get to the hotel and the girls were SOOOO thrilled to be staying at a monorail hotel! they loved the waiting area by check in and made a couple of friends! now i purposely didn’t get my hopes up about the view. so i really wasn’t expecting too much. i was shocked when the cm said our room was all ready (we checked in at 8:30am). so we gather up the girls and walk across to bay lake tower. i was excited to be able to use my kttw card to open the door but there was someone there who just let us in. i debated telling him to close the door so i could use my card but i think dh knew what i was thinking and ran in. he just doesn’t get it. so we get on the elevator and go up to the 12th floor!!! i was so thrilled to be up so high. i tried to put a room request in but for whatever reason it didn’t work. so i was expecting to not have such a fantastic room. we stepped out of the elevator and both mine and DH’s eyeballs popped out of our heads and jaws dropped to the ground!! he is NOT a disney freak and i could tell even he was in sheer awe of the amazingness of this place!


I am literally cracking up imagining you wanting to open the door and your husband reading your mind. My husband would have been the same way. I am the Disney lover and maybe my middle daughter.


we were finally able to pry ourselves away from the hallway and headed off to our room. of course i took the obligatory bay lake tower door picture!!! pictures do no do these rooms justice. i opened the door and cried it was so amazing!!! i absolutely LOVED the sliding bathroom door! and the kitchenette was cozy! the only problem we had was with the girls running in and out of the kitchen. apparently they think home rules don’t apply when they’re in disney lol! they immediately jumped on the bed and started playing with the “hot dog pillow”. dh and i ran over to the sliding door. after about 3 minutes of trying to figure out how it opens, we stepped out on the balcony and breathed in the cold yet amazing disney air!!! i just could not imagine how great this was! dh was the first to spot spaceship earth. the swan and dolphin stood out and if you looked real close you could see tot, the sorcerers hat and the mickey water tower. i glanced off to the left a little more and spotted everest and the tree in life! i officially was in heaven!!!


my camera makes everything seem so far away :frowning: oh well. you get the idea. here’s some inside room pics!


The room looks so cute, but classy and fun at the same time. Does that even make sense? lol


I think I am in love with a mouse.:laugh:


the last few pics of the view were from sunday. on saturday it was cloudy and gross so the pics aren’t as clear. we ended up hanging out at the hotel til about noon. normally that would irk me, but i REALLY enjoyed just staring out the window!!! but it was our last trip for a long time so we ate, got dressed in our winter best and headed off to the MK! it was SOOOOO nice not having to stand outside and wait for a bus! we got there and it was pretty cold but not unbearable. i was EXTREMELY shocked and pleasantly surprised to see the christmas decorations were still up!!! dh hadn’t been with us when we saw them before.