The BEST feeling


When it comes to any WDW trip you’re going to take, which would you say is the best feeling associated with it?


This is soooo tough, but if I’m going to pick one…it’s gonna be passing through the sign! YOU HAVE ARRIVED!


Nothing brightens my day like the “Welcome to Walt Disney World” sign!


Seeing that sign makes us so excited!! It seems real then!


Definitely passing through those gates! There is no feeling like it!!


There is nothing like the excitement of having one day to go!!!


It doesn’t feel real to me until my foot hits the pavement of my first park. :wub:


It is finally a reality when you go under that sign!!!


One choice is missing, well, two.
Leaving the house at the start of your trip, i.e. the day has come.
Seeing the sign on the highway “Walt Disney World - Next Exit”.
Think Chevy Chase in Vacation.

Of your choices, when I pass under the Walt Disney World entrance sign.


it’s the Walt Disney World entrance sign for me too!


The WDW sign is the best feeling to me.


I say one day to go, because I ALWAYS say it the night before (think back to the old WDW commercial a few years ago) “We’re too excited to sleep!” And I always am. I love the feeling of the night before.

The next choice (which is not on your list) is seeing the Magical Express buses and climbing aboard!


Usually I wind up packing late into the night and getting to bed really late.
Because of this, we’re usually about 2 hours late leaving home.


One day to go…the anticipation is unbearable but so great at the same time!


Passing under the welcome sign is the best feeling.


I love the WDW sign but I also mist up on the monorail as you round the bend and the castle comes into view


I have to agree! That is probably the very BEST feeling for me! I can still remember “the morning(s) of” leaving for every single Disney trip…gosh, you could probably break one of my arms right then and I’d still keep smiling!! :laugh:


The car is filled with ear piercing girl screams when we pass through the welcome signs! :wub:


Hmm, I am going to vote for “none of the above” :laugh: The BEST feeling would be to go on your birthday, get a nice $70 gift card (or whatever it is), and then be selected to sleep in the Castle Suite just because it’s your birthday. :tongue:


:laugh: :wink: Yeah, I like that one!