The Best Feelings Ever!


Hey guys,

I am just sitting here at work, being bored and procrastinating. I started getting these flases in my head about Disney moments that make me happy, things I can’t wait to do on my upcoming trip (Only 36 days left!), and now I can’t stop grinning!

You know the things I’m talking about- the Disney moments that,when you think about them, you break out in a big smile and get that feeling in your stomach like all is right in the world?

Here’s my top 10 list of disney-related things that make me feel happier than anything - what are your “best feeling ever” moments at Disney? I’d love to hear them!

  1. Going to DTD @ night, grabbing an Earl of Sandwich, and walking through the shops - everything is so shiny and pretty and new, and just waiting for me to buy it! The people are all winding down from days at the parks. People are all a little dressed up. It just seems like the perfect way to end the day/night at the parks!

  2. Riding Thunder Mountain @ Night while Wishes is on - makes me feel so “in the moment”

  3. Spaceship Earth - The first thing I ride when I get to Epcot, like my welcome ride for the trip. I love the darkness and the way it winds, and the fact that is stands for so much. I get goosebumps when I ride this one.

  4. Siting in Fantasmic Theatre, waiting for the show to start - Smells like popcorn, everyone’s chatting and smiling, snacking and laughing, the little kids have fun glow in the dark stuff - it makes me feel like it is a holiday weekend back home, at the community park, but with Disney!

  5. Illuminations - I’m speechless everytime I see it. It makes my BF feel romantic and he awalys gives me a nice hug and kiss as soon as it starts :slight_smile:

  6. Seeing that sign that says “Welcome to Walt Disney World” - I just want to scream with excitement every time I see it!!!

  7. Going for a late night swim @ The Coronado quiet pool in the Cabanas section (My favourite resort) after a long day at the parks, getting into PJ’s, and then snuggling up and watching the Disney channel while falling asleep.

  8. Dinner @ Le Cellier - I love meeting new people from my beautiful country, and the food, to me, is the best in WDW. (And I’m really jelous of them! Tessa is so lucky!) As soon as the spoon hits my mouth with that cheese soup, I’m butter!

  9. Waiting for the bus at my resort for my first trip into the parks - knowing I am just minutes away from being where I NEED to be!

And, number 10 and my favourite of all…

  1. Typhoon Lagoon on a sunny day - I love the smell, those refillable mugs, the slides, the lazy river - but more than anything - I LOVE that wave :slight_smile: Whenever I think of being there on a sunny day diving into the surf pool, I feel like nothing could be better!

Please share yours :slight_smile:


I love the smell coming from the icecream shop, it’s the waffle cone makers! Yummy!


My first glimpse of the castle…Makes me smile from ear to ear!!!


Walking around World Showcase at night…soo pretty!!!


Thanks Mickey Mcfizzle for an amazing post, and one that gave me goosebumps just reading. What could I add to that list? Everyone of them, I have experienced myself and have gotten that same “warm, fuzzy Disney” feeling as you have.

I’ll add one anyway. When I cross that bridge from the “Hub” to Adventureland underneath the Adventureland sign, and I hear those drums and other Adventureland music, I’m seven years old again and with my brother and my parents ready to embark on a magical day at the MK.


I love the sound of the riverboat at the MK, when you are in that part of the park… along with the howling dog. I have thousands of favorites, though…(it would include everything at any WDW park…)
I agree about the sign when you are driving into WDW. That is so much fun!!!


Wow great thread, I loved reading you comments. I would have to say

  1. The first time I saw Wishes :wub:

  2. Riding Spaceship Earth with DW, it reminds me of our honeymoon.

  3. Watching my daughters have a great time and out of the blue they say “thanks Dad”. It makes all those long stressful days at work worth every minute. :happy:

  4. The first time I watched Fantasmic.

  5. Taking the monorail to MK and thinking to myself, we’re back.

  6. The total attack Disney has on your senses when you first arrive, the sounds, smells and everything is so beautiful it makes you want to run in every direction at once and ride everything.


You guys have some great ones too!
I just got a brilliant idea - I am going compiling a list of these “moments” I read in this thread for all of my wedding guests to go in their welcome baskets for May '07 Disney Wedding. Some of my guests have never been to WDW, and I think having a list of the “little things” they should experience and take in would be cute and unique! Because it can certainly be overwheleming when you get there, even for old pros like us DCers!

Do you think this is cool or cheesy?


Hearing my favorite song…“How do you do? Mighty pleasant greeting…” while I am sitting in the front of the log!


That one is definitely going on my list! What a nice articulation of a beautiful moment!


This one nearly brings tears to my eyes each trip!


The front of the log scares me!!! :crying:


…That moment on ToT when you’re at the top and you KNOW what’s about to happen and you can FEEL the tension in the elevator…

  1. Walking through the turnstiles. The magic always hits me then!

  2. Watching Remember, all the fireworks shows make me misty eyed!

  3. When I’m in line for Space Mt. for the first ride of my trip, I’m always so excited…and of course the ride is great too!

  4. It’s probably different for you all at WDW since you take buses and don’t walk. But theres something magical about being up really early to get to the park for EE and walking through DtD when it’s almost empty and the sun is shining and warm. Its just this magical feeling! It’s hard to explain! :happy:


AWW…nicely put Ingy!


Great idea MickeyMc! I think it will really help your guests figure out what to do!


I think its a good idea. So many people don’t know where to start or may even choose to skip attractions that are a ‘don’t miss’ to most Disney veterans.


Walking under the train tracks and then Tah-DAH! Main Street is spread out before you. It transports me every single time and always makes me sooooo happy.


Throwing rocks at the back of people’s heads and when they turn around pointing at a group of teenagers standing near-by. Magic!!! :happy:


mmmm :closedeye Mine starts at the airport - taking the shuttle to the baggage claim. The recording “Welcome to Orlando…” he’s my first taste of WDW. And when I get to a DVC property and see my first “Welcome Home” sign and the security guard saying it to us and waving us in :closedeye mmmmm…I really am “home”.

Unpacking - knowing that my adventure is just beginning!!!