The Best Ice Cream


Where can I find the best ice cream in WDW? Someone posted a picture of them with a huge sundae. Where can I find ice cream like that and more? :tongue:


Try the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor in MK. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm :smile:


Also try “Beaches and Cream” at the Beach Club Resort. It’s worth the trip there. I’d walk there from Epcot’s International Gateway for their specialty, The Kitchen Sink sundae. It could feed your whole family!

But in reality, that is only one of the great ice cream treats on their menu.

Give it a try!


I say Beaches and Cream or Ghirardelli’s.


Beaches and cream!!

or a god old Mickey Bar


I really love the ice cream cookie sandwiches on Main Street! What a great treat while watching a parade!!


I completely stand by the Plaza ice cream parlor in the MK. I don’t know which brand they use but it always taste so fresh and yummy to me. The cones are always perfectly crunchy and fresh too!!!

Yum Yum!


And it smells so good!!!


I think it smells ABSOLUTELY amazing too. Not to be sinical but I think those may be artificial “pumped in” smells. hehe, who cares, it gets me to buy a nice Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cone and I enjoy it E-V-E-R-Y time!!!


My vote goes with Beaches and Cream! It is a must every trip for us. In fact, we usually go there 3 or 4 times. We are hooked.


here are my favorite Ice cream places at the world

  1. the Plaza in MK oh my gosh the sudaes in the waffle bowls are huge
  2. Beaches and cream yum yum yum
  3. Ghiredelli another yummo


I’m a simple girl, myself, I like Auntie Gravity’s in tomorrowland. I always get a twist soft serve w/rainbow sprinkles :wub:


Those would be my choices too! :wub:


One more vote for Ghirardelli’s!


Gherardelli!!! at DtD! OMG! Yum!


Ghiredelli!!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!


Either Ghiraldelli’s or the Main Street Ice Cream store…


I truly love Ghirardelli’s - I’m a chocolate-aholic. But come on… you couldn’t pay me to walk away from The Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream… :wub:


Where is it?


ghirardelli’s is in Down Town Disney, close to the World of Disney store.

Let’s see if this one works better…