The Best of (reasonably priced) Disney


I’m looking for your help!!

In february we are taking my brother in law (28) to Disney with us. He hasn’t been in 15-16 years! :ohmy: :eek:

We really want to show him why we love going so much.

What restaurants do you think really capture the Disney spirit?

(Sci-Fi will be a must for us–even though the food isn’t great—BIL is BIG into that stuff!)


Chef Mickey’s!:mickey:
You have to do Chef Mickey’s. The characters are usually awesome, it is a fun, loud, napkin waving meal. The characters spend a good bit of time with you, you can see the monorail coming through over head. Oh-and the food is good too!:laugh:


Character Breakfast at the Crystal Palace is the way we start our days at MK and gets us in the Disney spirit!

Also, we LOVE the HOOP DEE DOO!!! You can’t get that song out of your head and is a super way to create a special memory + they have the photo Pkg available too! (I know its worth 2 TS credits, but we think its worth it!)


I could not agree with you more!!:blush:


I have to agree about Chef Mickey’s and Crystal Palace. I would also add the Garden Grill in Epcot and Ohana at the Poly!


Thanks everyone! Keep it coming!!!


are you doing DDP?

how about Lecellier? Boma?

DOn’t forget to go to DTD - Earl and Ghiradelli (may not be disney spirit, but so yummy and DTD is so fun)! show him there is more than just parks, you know?!



No, we aren’t doing the DDP, we’ll just have our DDE discount card.


I agree with you on Sci-Fi…food is just ok, but the environement is soooo cool.
I always think of Coral Reef and O’Hana when I think “Disney spirit” too.


How about the Castle or Coral Reef.


I say take him to Whispering Canyon Cafe! That place is one of my favorites!


Well - I guess what’s important is what does he like? Is he the kind to like character meals? Or buffets? Or does he like something a little more upbeat. Would he be interested in trying out the restaurants in the different countries at Epcot?

For a character meal, I’d go with Crystal Palace
For a buffet I’d go with Boma or the Biergarten
For a more adult meal - Flying Fish, Coral Reef, LeCellier, Artist’s Point
For “exotic” - Marrakesh in Morocco, San Angel Inn in Mexico


ooohhhh… llama I totally forgot about biertgarten! That might be an idea!!!

I’m not sure how he’d feel about character meals…

We’re going to have him over to check out some menus and hopefully narrow things down and get an idea of what he’d like…


Good idea!:happy: