The best time to go


Well since we cancelled our January trip and we need to plan another trip to use our dvc developer points before June (end of) When would you go?


We like January, February and March the best. How come you cancelled?


Early March!

The weather is warming again and it’s so so busy . . . but you have to go BEFORE spring breaks begin! :mickey:


We love late February!


Nevermind I saw why you cancelled, at least you get to plan another one :slight_smile:


I was there in April and the weather was not bad although at times a little warm… I was recently there Nov 7-11 and the weather was not bad and the crowds were not that bad either…

I am trying to put together another trip in the near future…:mickey::frostyang


We went in February once and had fun. It was busier than I expected cheerleaders and groups from South America but it was much better than anytime in the summer when it was super hot.


We went (well I went with my DD and my friend and her DD–and never will do that again) this past February and it was beautiful but we went the very first week and that’s too close to when our other trip was planned for…

When is Spring Break? I definately don’t want to be there when it’s crazy busy!! My DH will freak!!! We’ve been before with crowds (like during Star Wars Weekends) and have managed, but Spring Break is a different story…


I should add too that our (8th) anniversary is May 5th, yup Cinco de Mayo!! So we could go for that…


We are going end of June to take advantage of the buy 4 get 3 free deal.


Yes, we like early May and the Flower and Garden Festival.


I voted for May…I’d love to see the Flower & Garden fest


February, late April, or early May.
If you go during March and early April, you’re going to run into Easter/Spring Break crowds.
Check your calendar for when Easter actually falls this year.
Also early May is before the spring love bug invasion and also before summer heat and humidity kick in full force.


From your choices I picked Feb. We have been in Oct, Dec. and Feb and for us we prefer December


I voted for May, specifically early May. Its not too crowded yet, and its BEAUTIFUL weather! I’m not too sure when Easter is this year, but if its really late make sure you wait a week after that!


Well we made a decision and I’m calling member services right now!! We’re going for our anniversary!!! And the baby will be 8 months old by then!!! It’s just a bummer to see your countdown go from 60 days back up into triple digits… but at least we’ll have enough money by then to have a great time!!


Well we are booked!! And we upgraded from the studio to a 1 bedroom since we have so many points to use for 2009!!

And I just realized that now I’ll be able to go to a Pirate and Princess Party!!


Sorry have to say after Thanks Giving but before Christmas, not on your list but I guess Early February . Smaller crowds less waiting in line,so that would be a bonus. When ever you go have a wonderful time


Good choice! I’m voting May too! No spring breaks, Flower & Garden Festival, not too brutally hot yet… AND Pirate and Princess Party??? You simply can’t go wrong. :happy:


We did April (second week if memory serves) in '05. The weather was not bad at all. The flower & garden festival was going on and we really enjoyed it! We did see alot of school groups at our resort (ASMu), but always seemed to go to different parks than them because we really didn’t think it was very crowded in the parks.