The Blue Bayou


I have 2 questions about this restaurant…

  1. Do you call in advance to make reservations? Or do you reserve a table on the same day as you plan on dining there?; and

  2. When do you think is a not-so-busy time to eat? I’m sure that it’s always going to be pretty crowded, but I’m sure there’s a time where the crowd level is okay.

Thanks. :mickey:


Sometimes during the slower times of year you can walk up and get a table, I’ve done it before. But it is just so much easier to make priority seating reservations. You can call up to sixty days before your dining date at (714) 781-DINE (yes, I have it memorized).

BB is one of those places that is always going to be busy so it is really hard to suggest a non-busy time. I would say the best time to go would be a week day that isn’t during a school vacation. Also, if you chose a time to eat like 3:00 that isn’t lunch or dinner it may be a little less crazy than the normal eating times.

If you do decide to go, have fun!


Lately everything around Pirates has just been crazy, and Disney is pushing it HARD with a lot of local advertising. I wouldn’t try to walk up UNLESS it’s around 3pm, like Twist suggested.

Really… just make the reservation. And be prepared to fork out the big bucks! :laugh:


Ok! Thanks! :happy:

And d’oh, I forgot to ask, where is the entrance or the place you make the reservation at? :blink:


From the hub, enter Adventureland, go over the Pirates bridge, make a left down the first alley after Pirates. You’ll see the desk halfway down the alley on the left.

But really… DON’T use this desk to make your reservation- call beforehand.


Okay, thanks! And no wonder I don’t remember ever seeing it… :laugh:


Yes, they do. I always made it a point while the kids went to stand in line for Indiana Jones, I would go straight to the restaurant and make a rese.

Nowadays, you can call in advance, and reserve the table earlier. Bottom line, you can do both. :happy:

It’s pretty crowded all the time when I was there, and that was before the refurbishment.

But after threeish is probably the slackest time period that I can think of. It also allows your best chance for waterfront seating.

The restaurant is right between the exit for Pirates and the entrance to Club 33.

Hope this helped.


This is a bit late to be answering this question but here I go anyway. 1) I ALWAYS call in advance because IF there are any openings that day you want to eat there the spots are always gone 30 minutes after the park opens, so I would highly suggest calling in advance to make reservations. 2) The Blue Bayou is always crowded and popular, no matter what. When I went to DLR just last week the park was totally dead on Wednesday but the Blue Bayou was still packed, so make your reservations early if you can. :smile:


Actually, thanks for bringing that up.

I always did the walk to BB first thing.

But with the reopening and being crowded and all, I might call once I get stateside. :pirate:



YAAAY! :mickey: :biggrin: I hope these days zoom by for you!!