The Boardwalk


Were going to WDW in Dec and we’re tempted to take a trip to The boardwalk, can anyone tell me…

  1. how to get there?
  2. whats there?


the Boardwalk is just outside of Epcot, but by the International gateway, not the front entrance. That means the gate over by the bridge between England and France. Boats leave from that gateway to take you over to the Boardwalk, the Beach and Yacht Clubs, the Swan and Dolphin, and MGM. All of those places are connected by the water taxis.

There are several clubs and restaurants on the Boardwalk as well as live entertainemnt at night. You can rent surrey bicycles there and ride around. If nothing else, it’s a lovely visit.

Check this out: Disney’s BoardWalk and the Epcot Resort Area


If you are at EPCOT you can walk their from the “rear” park entrance over in the international pavillions…

You can also take a bus from any park to the Boardwalk…

You can also take a boat from EPCOT… and I’m not sure, but possibly from MGM too… (I think…I know they go to BCR and YCR).

Boardwalk is cool–has lots of restaurants and some entertainment like Jelly Rolls piano bar… the ESPN sportsbar… also a brew pub and some good restaurants… Along the boardwalk there are also little kiosks where you can by bakery items, pizza, pretzles, cotton candy… beachy fare…

There is more to do…but I’ll let others add!




The candy shop at Boardwalk is great.

Their main hotel Store (I forget what it’s called) always has somethings (mugs, shirts, etc.) we’ve never seen anywhere else in WDW.

The ESPN sportbar can be fun (especially if there’s a game on), but the attached ESPN store doesn’t have quite as much as their shop at Downtown Disney.

Flying Fish Cafe is a pretty nice restaurant, although one of the pricey in WDW.

Generally, it’s a nice play to let your kids blow off steam, too.

We’ve never done the clubs there, so I can’t speak to that.

And, hey, I’m a Senior Mouseketeer. Does that mean I have to start eating dinner earlier, or wear white shoes, or something?


Yes, definitely. And hike your pants up really high too.