The Bow-Wow-Ween Contest


I just got an email notification about this contest from

I KNOW there are a lot of pet lovers on this site!! Have fun! Good luck! And post your pictures here too!! :happy:

[B]Duck, Duck, Dog?

Trick out your dog and win a sweet treat! Submit a photo of your best friend in costume for your chance to win a year’s worth of dog food, training, pet insurance, and $2,000. [/B]

Dog Costume Photo Contest: Bow-Wow-Ween | Disney


Cute idea…I’d dress my dog, but she wouldn’t like it much.


Get one CUTE picture and it could be worth $2000!!! :wub:


We received the same email, my boys are trying to come up with a cute costume for the puppy. I wish them the best of luck with that. HAHA!!


Daisy will not wear her clown costume. She refuses, and that is that.


I wonder if I can send a picture of Lexy (the cat)


We were looking at all the costumes in Target, and I was wondering how the dogs don’t just rip them to sheds!!

Did anyone look at the pictures on the website . . . the bulldog playboy bunny cracked me up!! :laugh::laugh::laugh: