The Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort


Hi guys for our next trip to Disney which we are planning in January, we are thinking about staying in the cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. It’s a family of four, 15, 11, 24, Aunt. We can’t sleep together and we figured that me (15), my aunt and brother (11) could share the bedroom, with the bunk beds and bed. My cousin (24) could be in the other room. I was wondering what you guys think about the resort, our thoughts are that it’s just to big and we are gonna have to walk everywhere… any suggestions, thought’s comments?


We stayed in the cabins exactly a year ago and I WANT TO GO BACK ASAP! The cabins were roomy and the five members of our family slept comfortably. As far as walking around, we stayed about a week and rented a golf cart for about three days. It really is a toss up. We didnt mind waiting for the buses. The longest we would have to wait is 15 minutes. If you want to get around at your own speed definitely get on the list for a cart. If waiting for a little while doesnt bother you, then dont.


We’ve stayed in the cabins a few times and loved it. The full kitchen is very convenient. There is one bathroom… Last fall, a good friend and I brought our kids (our husbands stayed home) and we were 6 in a cabin (two female adults and four kids ages 3, 5, 7 and 13) and we survived!

We always rent a golf cart to get around there, although there is an interior bus system.


Does anyone know how much a golf cart would be?


Something that cracks me up with the golf carts is how much the cart parking at the bus stops reminds me of cars parked at various commuter railroad stations. Those who live in Ct, NJ, Long Island, and Westchester Counties know exactly what I’m talking about.
For that matter, it also reminds me of many metropolitan area bus park and ride lots.


Golf Carts come out to be about $58 a day and that includes tax. They are due back at 11am on your last day.


We stayed at the cabins back in the early 90s. That was before they put on the wood siding and were just trailers. Also with Fl. Resident rates they were only 90 bucks a night. Split 3 ways that wasn’t bad. They were and still are real nice to stay at.


I stayed in the cabins once when I went with my friends family. I loved it! My only complaint is the travel is a little annoying to the parks. Even MK. Which is right across the 7 seas lagoon, going on the boat is AWESOME though! I’d still stay there again. But I’ve been to Disney many times, so missing an extra 20 minutes in transit is not bad for me.

It’s nice going back to the cabins after a day at the parks and feeling like your in a littl ehome though, so earlybirds can go to sleep in the bedroom and night owls can watch some tv in the living or make a late night snack in the kitchen! :smiley: