The Cabins at Ft Wilderness?


Anyone ever stayed there? What is it like? What is walking distance to attractions if any? Pros? Cons? Just anything you have on them. Thanks in advance.

or could I rent DVC points for close to the same price?


Never been to them myself, but hope this helps:

Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Fact Sheet


Thanks - figuring the bus/transportation alone looks to be a nightmare.


[QUOTE=dadofthree;1079088]Anyone ever stayed there? What is it like? What is walking distance to attractions if any? Pros? Cons? Just anything you have on them. Thanks in advance.

or could I rent DVC points for close to the same price?[/QUOTE]

We have chose to stay there the last two times we visited Disney World (2008 & 2011). Here is why:

  1. It is quiet. You don’t hear slamming doors, the pounding of feet, or voices next door.
  2. Size. The cabins have plenty of space for larger families.
  3. Dining flexibility. We have purchased the Disney Dining Plan each year we visit. We use most of our dining plan credits towards lunch and dinner. For breakfast we always order our groceries from (good prices, they deliver to your cabin) and enjoy a homemade breakfast.
  4. Transportation isnt too bad IF you rent a golf cart (or bring your own). Typically rather than wait for a bus, we would drive the cart down to the boats to catch a ride to the Magic Kingdom or down to the bus depot to catch one of the buses to the park or destination we were going to. We just visited during spring break and the wait for buses wasnt too bad.

With all of this being said I think that next time I do want to try a different resort. We did not pick the cabins because of cost (they are in the moderate range and there were many other cheaper options for us to choose from). I am really leaning towards the wilderness lodge myself! Good luck!:goofybounce:


The quietness is BIG sale for me. We were at AS Music this year during Spring Break and it was loud with a HS Band Competition and CHEERLEADING thingy going on. We still have to do Dining Plan bc we still have to hit a BUNCH of character meals as my youngest just turned 3 today. Mid March is my target date so Spring Breakers will be abundant.


I have never stayed in the Cabins, but 99% of the time we stay at FW in our Travel Trailer. I have stayed at every resort except for OKW and Contemporary/BLT and would pick FW over any of them at any time.

There is just something about that place- kinda magical, very peaceful, very friendly and lots to do. Its a great place for down time and it has a great feel! Very Disney, but not at the same time!

For me there always has to be enough time at FW and Park time.

Call me spoiled, but I will only now stay Deluxe or at FW. I just don’t have the patience for the Values and only have a little patience for the Moderates.

Transportation is not a big deal at all! The best part is being able to take a boat to MK.

We have always stayed in walking distance to the marina, if not we bring our bikes.

Give it a try, I bet you will be very happy!


Never stayed at the cabins but friends of ours have (family of 6, 2 teenagers and 2 elementary aged kids) and they LOVED it! They just couldn’t say enough about it.


The folks are quiet, respectful, and friendly. People dont seem to be in a big rush. They also just fixed up the main pool for the campground. As far as the food goes, we never ate at Davey Crockett;s, but we did do the Hoop De Doo Review (I highly recommend, especially with kids) and the outdoor bbq (I do not recommend).


I looked into this last yr and the yr before for us. It was always a no go. Mainly due to the golf cart rental and or walk. It’s $$ to rent it just for a ride to the marina or buses and back. We don’t go back to the hotel enough to warrant it really, plus we’d need room for 7+.

We will NEVER do a Value and if we were for any reason, I’d darn well make sure there wasn’t any cheer, sports, etc thing going on if possible. That or not a peak time. They are always very loud there.

We stick with POFQ for the most part. It is super quiet and just relaxed feeling.

It just seemed like soooo much work to load up the van daily w/ the kids, too much $$ to rent a golf cart, etc. Maybe we’ll give the cabins a shot in a few years. But for now I have 5 kids who might hurt me at the end of a long day if I make them walk more than 10 mins to the hotel room lol. :blink::laugh: