The cars for experdintion everest


The cars for experdintion everest haVE ARRIVED GO ON TO


and click on experdintion everst updates.


I want one!


Very cool!


Baloo85 showed me something cool on Ebay!
A vehicle from the old old Imagination ride!
It looks very simple, and it was selling for Idunno… about $1,250, but it’s an antique and a collectible.




They look huge…like the mountain!!!


I’m gonna have to ride it by myself waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah:crying::crying::crying:


How come…whenever someone post a link to I see to be the only person who cannot see any pictures??
They just show up as tiny red ‘x’…ive had this happen numerous times before!


The cars look so cool. I can’t wait to ride it! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to ride it in December when we will be there!


I have good feelings for this ride…I mean besides my stomach that is! :slight_smile: