The Confectionary


Say, who knows if the Confectionary and other stores along Main Street are still covered up and worked on or is it all done and looking fantabulous?


Things were still covered up a couple of weeks ago when I was there. I’m hoping it’s all done next month when I go back. The covers were as well done as possible but it wasn’t the same.


Things were still covered up as of June 16.


They should be done by the time you go, Iris.


I just read on another board that Main Street is done and work has now moved to Frontierland and Pecos Bill’s.


…just as long as I can get to my Dole Whip in Adventureland…without that…you would be able to hear the “shout heard round the world”…:laugh:


I just want to be there, construction zone or not… Just because I went on March is no reason that I cannot go again.


I love that confectioners at the start of main street…i am sooooo stocking up on taffy when we come in August!!! Num num :slight_smile: lol


Yes exactly, those covers are nice but they’ve been up for a very long time. I cannot remember when we were there last year - either it was January or it was November 2011 and the covers were there then. Too long


If that ever does happen you can also get one from Capt Hooks at the Poly.


Ohhhh…I didn’t know that!! Thank you for that info. No wonder the Poly is so popular!!! :happy:


even better, here is a link to several interesting Dole Whip videos :wink:
how to make dole whip - YouTube


[QUOTE=Dopey;1114603]even better, here is a link to several interesting Dole Whip videos :wink:
how to make dole whip - YouTube[/QUOTE]

Wow…I watched a few of these…thank you. The “Reese’s Kitchen” recipe sounds the closest…I’m going to try it. The man who makes his with a big glob of Crisco, lost me right off…lol…


I didn’t watch any of them but Crisco would have been the end of that for me too :pirate:


One thing I like about WDW is that when they have a building in deep exterior renovation, they surround it with a specially painted, one of a kind scrim that has a graphic duplicate of the building that it’s covering.


yes, it is impressive. Of course Disney parks are the only amusement parks I have ever been to, I wonder if Universal does the same thing


I get so upset when they cover the buildings on Main Street. NO Pictures anywhere near the cover ups.