The Contemperary and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


We are going to WDW in September. We have a 3 year old, very close to 4 by the time we go to Disney. We are going during our anniversary, and I understand that since the Contemperary doesn’t have their own kids club, that we can use the one at the Grand Flo.

My question is, how old does he need to be, and will they give me a hassle if he needs to be 4 and he would miss it my a short time? Also, does he need to be completely potty trained?

We have never stayed at the contem. so this new for us.



The age for any of the kids clubs is 4 and the child has to be totally potty trained. No pull ups and they have to be able to go in the bathroom alone and take care of everything.

Another option is in room child care. There’s some information at the bottom of this page.