The continuing bias against DISNEY


Orlando roller coaster strands 12 at top; 1 hospitalized - Washington Times

if this had been Disney it would not have been referred to as ORLANDO roller coaster…subtle bias but nonetheless bias…like the sinkhole that was a WDW resort ,but 10 miles away from WDW…and had nothing to do with DISNEy


Personally, I am surprised it didn’t read “Roller Coaster Near Disney” or come up with another way of getting them in there. This is the second incident on this coaster in 6 months. Sounds like the Universal engineers have a problem on their hands.


Rip Ride Rocket has been a problem since the day it opened.
I’ve yet to ride it because it’s been down both times I’ve been to USF since it was built.

John, sourcing the Washington Times? Really?

CNN lays it out clearly:
Universal Orlando roller coaster gets stuck high above park -

Can’t get more specific than “Universal Orlando”.


ABC and USA Today, the first two to come up on my news page this am, had the same type headling. Stating Orlando with no mention of Universal in the Headline. Of course, we all know who owns ABC but perhaps the headline writer doesn’t.

I am sure CNN is trying to be more specific ever since that sinkwhole fiasco where they initally reported it as a “Disney Resort”.


copied and pasted one of several from the news it could have been anyone …but seriously roller coaster in Orlando area …when you hear that who do you think of???


Which park, that’s what I think.
Not which Disney park, but which park.
Actually, I hear coaster accident and the first thing I think is, “I wonder if it’s one I’ve ridden?”.


I am with Soundgod in regards to this. There is no vast conspiracy to discredit Disney. What would be the point?


Disney is a mega commercial company ,including ABC and ESPN…Nbc universal is owned by Comcast and not to mention fox and its new endeavor with fox sports 1 …just a thought


You do realize the background of the Washington Times? Fox/NBC is no way associated with it. Except they may use much like how they would use the AP.


like I said earlier that link could’ve been from many news agaency that is just the one I copied and pasted…remember comepition is competition in any form…


There is certainly cross pollination between the Moonie owned Washington Times and Fox News.
The cross pollination on the other side of the aisle is the Washington Post and NBC News/MSNBC, but plenty of WaPo people are on CNN as well.

But none of that is important right now.
What is important is that I’ve now ridden this coaster 4 times and it is a genuine BUTT KICKER! I have never seen a coaster with a vertical loop that at the top, they incorporated a 360 degree barrel roll before completing the loop and I have never been on a coaster that had so much potential energy that they actually have 5 brake runs to slow the trains! And all those brake runs are also block brakes that allow up to six 12 seat trains to run at one time.
It isn’t a short ride and they have on ride music, although the sound systems in the RnRCoaster trains are much better sounding and more powerful (fuller, louder, and more bass).
Also, the ride was running without breakdown the two days were were at Universal Studios.