The Countdown Has Officially Begun!


So the big Christmas gift to our kids this year was our trip to WDW that we will embark on later this month. Now that the Mouse is out of the bag, we can talk openly about it and let the kids help make plans.

In that spirit, we constructed a countdown calendar, and today is the first day of the countdown. Each child got to design 8 pockets on the calendar with scrapbooking materials we have collected over the years, and the pocket inserts show the number of days until we leave. Each of the inserts will have a Disney-related activity or fact for the kids, or it will reveal details of the trip that we have not told them yet. I have attached a photo of the calendar.

We only have a few ideas for the countdown activities so far, so if anyone has any good ideas, I’m all ears! Things are sure to get exciting over the next few weeks.


Great calendar!

You can send for free personalized maps of the parks on the WDW web site, they are fun to receive and look at! On second thought you may not receive them in time for your trip… But you can use them to reminisce!

Watch Disney movies with the characters that you will see.

Let each child decorate a jar or bucket to save their money for special treats.


Thanks for the ideas! Watching a movie was the first thing we thought of. The kids are engrossed in Peter Pan as I type this.



What a great idea!
Maybe a scavenger hunt…for a small gift for them to occupy themselves on the plane/car ride.


Make then draw a map of the place with all of the rides that they want to ride… Might be interesting to see what they come up with. You could take a park a week… Or a ride per park, depending on age… or favorite restaurants…


Thanks for the great ideas, guys!