The Desert Palm?


Instead of letting me do reservations two months ago, my mom did them two weeks before our trip, lol. Of course all the hotels were booked, including the Tropicana which is my preferred spot because it’s across the street. (Not a good sign!!!) So my mom called around and found the only hotel available- The Desert Palm. It’s kinda far away, if I remember correctly… does anyone know if it’s an okay hotel? I’m slightly worried. Not that I won’t have a good time! :wub:


OMG you will have a fantastic time! STOP WORRYING! :tongue:

The Desert Palm is wonderful…and it’s not that far away. It’s at Harbor and Katella, so it’s more of a walk than the Tropicana, but it can easily be done in 5-10 minutes. It’s not a tough walk, it’s rather a nice stroll.

It is a BEAUTIFUL hotel :wub: - I just visited it again today for nostalgia sake - it’s where DH and I stayed on our honeymoon. I’ve stayed there twice total. Newly refurbished, trust me, it’s wonderful. :heart:

One of my top recommended hotels!
Their breakfast room looks over DCA too - a GREAT way to start your Disney day! :angel:


Oh! Thank you SOOOO much! I think I’m about to tear up after all the relief that gave me. :crying: :wub: I guess it’s just pre-trip anxiety. You know, today I freaked out because I couldn’t find a shirt I wanted to pack. (Rest assured, I found it after I tore my room and the whole house apart. It was UNDER my dresser.) I definitely couldn’t expect anything to be closer than the Tropicana, besides the Grand Californian of course. Wow. I guess everything IS going right, and I should stop trying to convince myself it’s NOT… except, of course, for the fact that I asked for the wrong dates for the trip. One day earlier and I would have been able to go see Johnny Depp, but I thought the premier was on the 26th, not the 25th… :nonono2:

Oh well. It’s Disneyland! POTC will be open regardless! :pirate:

:blink: Heh… I love Disneyland, but it really makes me go crazy.


:laugh: Haha! Oh Ariel, you make me laugh.

You remind me a lot of me, actually. I do the same thing…I convince myself that everything is going wrong at the last minute, and my trip is going to be a disaster. But everything always works out, and I always have a GREAT trip! :mickey:

I’m glad I made you feel better about the Desert Palm. I really do love that hotel! I was nervous, too, when we booked it because it was (just like your situation) the only hotel available on such short notice.

If I can make you feel any better about the Pirates premiere, I don’t even know if I (or DH!) will get to see any of the stars from the movie. The premiere is on serious lockdown this year. Even though it’s taking place in Disneyland, and DH is going to be working at Club 33 that night, all the windows will be closed and curtained because no one will even be able to LOOK OUT and try to see the premiere! :crying: Crazy huh??

At least you’ll get to ride the new Pirates! DH said he can hear the new soundtrack playing already, and he can ever hear Captain Barbossa’s voice. :whistling How cool is that?!?!?! :tongue: You know it’s going to be great!


Hehe, in a way our destroying our trips in our minds kind of works out to our advantage… you see, if you’re expecting the worst, you get the best! :huh: If that makes sense. I am VERY excited to ride Pirates… it is going to be amazing. That’s been my favorite ride since I first went to Disneyland, and I’m sure they did a wonderful job on it. As long as the old man is sitting playing his banjo on his front porch in the beginning…

Well, you made me feel better again. If there is no chance in even seeing Johnny, then I shouldn’t even worry about missing him. :mickey:

That’s so cool that your DH works at Club 33… Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Hey, you never know, maybe Captain Jack Sparrow himself will decide to dine there! :wink:


You’re right…if you’re expecting everything to go wrong, you will be pleasantly surprised! :mickey:

DH loves working at Club 33. It has its advantages and disadvantages of course, but at the moment it’s pretty exciting because he can still look out over the entrance to Pirates and feel like he’s getting a sneak peek!

Supposedly the stars are going to be dining at Blue Bayou this year…DH is bummed :rolleyes:…because last year they dined at the Club! Oh well!

I’ll give you a fun hint about your banjo man…yep, DH says he’s still there. But the banjo music has been altered slightly! :tongue: :angel:


Maybe I should continue expecting it to go horribly, terribly wrong! Hehe. Actually, one thing I know will be bad is that it will most DEFINITELY be crowded. Which I don’t mind actually, because that’s just Disneyland. I only hope it isn’t like how it was before during Christmas… it almost made it unenjoyable, I couldn’t even walk it was so crowded!

I’m so glad my old feller’s still there! :tongue: Hm… I wonder how they’ve changed his music… :happy: It’ll be a good surprise! Hm, I wonder if they’ll keep the ride running when they’re eating at the Blue Bayou. Probably! That’s exciting. I bet anyone riding on POTC will get to hear a whole new song AND see some very special people! This’ll kinda be a new experience for me too, because it will be my first time on Pirates with contacts in. :biggrin:


Haha, yeah don’t forget the contacts just in case! :wink:

I doubt the crowds will be as bad as they were at Christmas. Summertime tends to pack 'em in, but I’ve honestly never seen anything as bad as the week around (and during) Christmas. It’s just GRIDLOCK everywhere! :whistling I don’t see how anyone can enjoy themselves when even the Astro Orbitor has a 60 minute+ line!!

Well anyhoo, it’s been great talking to you! (My time on this library computer’s running out so I gotta go.) Maybe I will see you around soon! I plan on going to Disneyland after Pirates opens so I can check it out. :biggrin: Have a great trip!


It was great talking to you too! Thanks a ton for helping me out and making me feel a pixie dust load better. Yeah, Christmas was brutal. Good thing that’s when we had the multiple fastpasses or I may have given up and gone home!!! Maybe I’ll even see you at Disneyland. You won’t miss me- as I’ve told other people, we’ll be the over-enthusiastic teenagers high-fiving everybody and singing.


Haha cool, I will keep my eyes peeled for you then! It’ll probably just be little ol’ me…short, brown hair (there’s a little picture of me on the right side in my profile. It’s outdated though, I don’t have bangs anymore!)…but a big Disney grin on my face. I haven’t been to the parks in over a month now, it’s definitely time to go back! :mickey: I’m SO EXCITED FOR PIRATES!!!


Just wanted to say that I am another with a rap for the Desert Palms. We stayed there last September and loved it. It was only a 5-10minute walk which didn’t seem much at all. We had 4 rooms between us and all of them were great. We were only just this afternoon talking about our next trip (our 4th) and decided that we would have to stay here again. We had stayed at the Carousel and Tropicana in the past.


So Ariel, how did you like the Desert Palm? :biggrin: I’m dying to know!

PrincessBelle, did you guys have any bad experiences at Carousel? Both DH and I have stayed there, as well as my parents…DH and I didn’t have any problems when we were there for a quick weekend. But when my parents were there in April of this year, they had some horrible experiences! :sad: I wonder if the management has changed or anything? Everything was pretty poor about their experience…rooms not ready, phones not working, pool closed (it’s ALWAYS closed! :dry:)…my parents ended up moving to Desert Inn & Suites and liked it there better.


Nope no bad experiences at the Carousel. It was quite a while ago though…about 8 yrs ago I think. It was great though. We booked it as part of a package and stayed 6nights. It was really good being so close to the park.

I see above that I said that we also stayed at the Tropicana. It was actually the Park Vue Inn, not the Tropicana. Not sure why I said that. I must have been thinking of that when I was posting. The Park Vue was fine also. Rooms were clean and comfortable. Nothing flash but then we weren’t spending top dollar.

But out of all of them, I liked the Desert Palms the best. I wish it was a little closer but we really didn’t worry about the walk when we were so excited about Disneyland.