The Disney Channel? El Stinko!


Here’s a call to the Disney Corp. - Bring back our Disney Channel! Or at least start up a “DISNEY CLASSIC” channel, like ESPN Classic (Disney owns ESPN, you know).
When my kids were younger, they loved the Disney Channel and so did my wife and I. (It was a paid-for premium channel back then.) The kids loved Dumbo’s Circus and we all loved watching the classic Disney Cartoons (Quack Attack & Mousterpiece Theater). And my wife and I used to watch the original Mickey Mouse Club, Zorro and Wonderful World of Color reruns on late night “Vault Disney.” Nowadays, however, the only way you know you’re watching the Disney Channel, is when tyhey tell you it the Disney Channel.



My son used to LOVE DC in the the mornings. The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, (about 6 years ago!) IT was so cute and Adventures in Wonderland (another cute one!) and Bear and the Big Blue House, etc. I, too, really enjoyed Vault Disney

How many time can we watch the same episodes of Raven, Kim Possible, proud family, and Phil of the Future over and over again?? They are all good shows…but not over and over and over. Disney has enough shows in their vault to play a new show every hour for a year and never show the same one twice. I know we would all watch it more if they would improve it.

Remember “Inside Out”…loved that show (all about WDW!)

Also, I liked it much better when Disney and ToonDisney was commercial free. They sure play a lot of commercials, don’t they?


I agree. I can’t even watch it any more. To me, there’s no difference bteween the dumb shows you mentioned and irritating non-Disney shows like “Saved By The Bell” and “Full House.”



URGH. I was AFRAID someone was going to start a thread like this! :laugh: Don’t get me wrong, because I totally agree with what you’re saying. That’s the problem. It’s too hard to keep myself from blowing up! :glare:

I HATE the new Disney Channel. I despise it. I don’t pay for it anymore. The only new shows I have semi-liked are Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens. Other than that, it disgusts me!

I miss these shows:
Dumbo’s Circus
Adventures In Wonderland
The Wuzzles
Pooh Corner

on and on…:dry:

My parents have a tape recorded somewhere from the “classic” Disney Channel’s good-ol’-days, and I feel the need to watch it again. It only has shows like Dumbo’s Circus and The Wuzzles. THE GOOD STUFF.


I loved that show!!


This is the reason I found DC and the reason I started going back to WDW along with my daughter. This thread has been gone over in the past. For some reason I don’t think Disney cares about Vault Disney. People have written, emailed and called including me, but you don’t hear anything about it. Maybe it has something to do with the way Disney likes to sell movies and then not sell them for years. Maybe they just decided to turn the classic stuff off for a number of years and some day, out of nowhere, it will appear on the TV again. I believe it has been at least 3 years since Vault Disney has been on.


Today’s Disney Channel reminds me of cardboard!


I can somewhat agree with this thread. It does seem that compared to when it was a “premium” channel, it did show some of the better classic stuff. But my son still LOVES Disney Channel. Where else can you see stuff like Bear in the Big Blue House, Roly Poly Ollie (sp?), and especially the Wiggles, Lilo and Stitch the series, and House of Mouse. I even love the House of Mouse. Plus, Toy Story and Bugs Life never get old! I am just thankful that we have it. It would be far worse if there were NO DIsney Channel and all we had we Nickelodeon and Noggin! When in doubt, “The glass is half FULL!”



Half full of what? is the question we are debating.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

The Disney Channel now does have a few good shows… I like Even Stevens, and occasionally I’ll get up early to catch Pooh and Stanley and Jojo’s Circus. … Yes I am in college and I watch Playhouse Disney, and I am not ashamed!!!

Ahem… but I miss all the old stuff… The Wuzzles were great. I was addicted to Adventures in Wonderland. I still have tapes my grandma made me of all my favorite shows… of course I’m drawing a blank to their names now… Oh, and Disney Afternoon, whatever happened to that?? That was my favorite thing ever! Tailspin, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Gummi Bears… where did they go???


Pooh corner…yes! That is the one I was thinking of. My son loved that when he was little (it was so sweet!) I have some episodes on tape, too, somewhere!

I completely forgot about the Wuzzles! I don’t remember Dumbo’s Circus. I really adored Adventures in Wonderland. I have one adventures in wonderland tape and I am always looking for more to add to our video collection.


I am sure there is a method to the madness. I am sure we will all see these classic “Vault” shows in those Disney Treasure silver canesters at Target in 10-20 years, selling for $80.00.

I do miss the new Mickey Mouse Club (or at least the one made in the 80’s and 90’s), as I have posted on numerous threads. “Gummie Bears…hopping here and there and everywhere”. Disney afternoons were a young boys dream come true.

That’s my final thought of the day…and its only 9:00 am…figure that.


My family didn’t actually OWN the Disney channel until about…1998. I think that’s when things really started to change, with their programming and whatnot. Before that we had to watch it at our gramma’s house. :laugh:

I totally concur with all of this though. If I can squeeze in the time I will watch House of Mouse in the afternoons simply because…it’s the only thing on here that is Disney!! Okay, I will admit, I occasionally watch Roly Poly Olli (come on it’s a cute show) and “That’s So Raven” only cause I liked her on the Cosby show…

But I share your frustrations. I wish they didn’t have to replace Vault Disney, the last quality television programming at such a late and usually trashy hour, with reruns of Lizzi McGuire, who is a poor role model for young girls today. shiver

steps off the soapbox Sorry. :laugh:


I remember rushing home after school when I was little and doing nothing but watch the Disney channel…there were soooooooo many great shows on that channel and now i can name like less than five. Maybe if I had toon disney I wouldn’t be soooo angry, but still…the best part was the movie time…where they showed everything from “not quite human” to “butch cassidy and the sundance kid” to “three caballeros”…oh and in between shows they would have “disney resort” UPDATES…that was great…I remember they called them…DATELINE: Disneys

sigh…good times, good times…


The Disney Channel in the UK is still commercial free - unless you’re talking about commercials relating to one of the other Disney Channels which we get loads of :blink: lol

I know its before my time but I would love to see some of the old Disney shows. They used to play The Monkees on DCUK at 11pm, that was good, but I would love to see the programs that you guys are talking about regarding the construction of WDW.

Maybe we should petition to bring it back, both sides of the Atlantic :dry: lol


Yeah, I wish they would bring it back too. I used to watch Zoro every night before bed. I liked it. That and The Mousketeers Show, I would watch that too.


I can’t watch Disney channel anymore, except for when I’m forced to (stupid remote-hoggers…), or when they play a movie on there. even then it defeats the purpose, since we own the moajority of them on VHS or DVD… sigh

ohhhhh, I LOVED inside out1 It was especially cool when they did the hidden Mickey search! (of course, that’s pointless now, since they have a thorough - yet out-of-date, cross-wired and often very confusing - book with details on their whereabouts…)

We definitely need to see some of the classics. I am SO sick of Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, Kim Possible, and OH MY GOD I absolutely gag when Lizzie McGuire is on. (No offense, Lizze Mc lovers…) I want MY Disney back…!


It may not be the classic Disney stuff, but it beats the pants off Nick and Noggin. I like the newer shows, and kids do as well.

After all, Disney Channel isn’t about the parents, it’s about making entertaining, decent programming for kids and young teens. The rest who watch are gravy. And Brandy and Mr. Whiskers rules.


Lol, MemphoDisneyDad… I just have strong opinions. Brandy and Mr. Whiskers is cute, but it’s not Disney style in my opinion. And the magnets on MagneTUDE are annoying… (BTW, I’m not a parent. I’m 15. ^_^)


Hi I’m brand new here and You’re all right that the disney channel totally does stink in general these days.I was wondering Who has episodes of pooh corner,dumbo’s circus,or any mickey mouse character material taped from the disney channel back then.Please let me know by sending me a private message so we can tape trade.

Thanks for all your help!