The Disney Food Plan


Can someone explain this to me. We booked a room at the All Star Music a few months ago-got a good CAA rate. BUT now we are thinking of the Dining plan, I need a big-time explanation of this. Does it include the park tickets etc?



There are quite a few posts about this plan, but to put is as simple as I think I can make it.
ages 10 and above $35/day
ages 3-9 $10/day

You get 1 counter service meal (CS), 1 table service meal (TS) and 1 snack per person per day. has a list of all the resturaunts that participate and if they are considered a CS, TS or snack. (search for dine plan)

We are using it when we go down at the end of the month. Take a look at the menu list at to get an idea of what the meals cost.

Counter service includes the entre and non alcoholic drink, table service includes appatizier, entree, desert and non alcoholic drink. Snack is considered one of the following, soda, water, ice cream, and the like.

Hope this helps


We did the dining plan in April and I DEFINITELY recommend it. It is just your food, does not include any park tickets. The biggest plus for me was that all our food WAS ALREADY PAID FOR before I stepped foot on WDW, so it was a HUGE stress off my mind. Second, the character meals counted as a Table Service (TS) meal, so we were able to take our DD to 5 character meals in 8 days and it cost me nothing extra!!! Third, we never were left hungry and had Counter Service (CS) meals left over at the end of the trip. Fourth, it was so flexible, if we got hungry, wherever we were at, we just stopped, scanned our room key, and ate like royalty. Finally, my wife kept all the reciepts, and while we only saved ~$75 comparting what we paid for the dining plan vs what we would have paid out of pocket, we got so much more, because we wouldn’t have ordered dessert at every meal (but we got it because it was included). Please, please, please, if you have the opportunity to get the dining plan-GO FOR IT!!! :happy: