The Dolphin for One Day!


Hi everyone,

We are flying in a day early and I booked a day at the Dolphin with my points from Starwoods. We stayed there once on our honeymoon for one night and loved it.
This time around we are just flying in and heading over there, and relaxing all day - no parks - no fuss. My children are part fish, and will swim all day (weather permitting - Dec 1)

My son was looking at the Birnbaum book and saw the resort and said “gee Dad - look at this cool hotel - I want to stay there one day” so he will be surprised! (Vero Beach is also a surpise for them at the end )

Any other suggestions to enjoy the Dolphin? :happy:


Your kids will love the Grotto Pool, especially playing under the waterfall. :smile: You might want to walk over to the Boardwalk in the evening, there should be various entertainers outside and your kids will like playing the Boardwalk games. They’re like carnival games, and not free. There’s also plenty of snacks to nibble on while you’re there.


Great idea - we stayed at Boardwalk once, and remember the fun night life!


I don’t know how old your kids are, but once my kids got older they would play the games and win stuffed animals and then we would hand them out to the really little kids who weren’t having any luck at winning. :smile:

BTW, we also arrive on Dec 1, it’s the best time to visit WDW!


We love to hang out at the grotto pool there. It’s just beautiful; water slide, waterfall and all. Grab a beverage and a soak in the hot tub. Your kids might enjoy the Swan boats, or a rest in the hammocks, or playing in the playground or the sandy beach.

We’re hooked on the Swolphin.