The dragon at AK, anyone remember? know?


My dk’s used to love standing on the bridge at AK and wait to see the dragon pop out along the river and see it blow it’s flame. When did they stop doing this? I have a picture somewhere but finding it might be a different story.


I also remember riding the river boats which were open for a very short time and the plan was to have them transport you to Asia when it was completed but the attraction just seemed to disappear. Anyone have any info?


Although I don’t remember the dragon, I do remember the river boats. They were a total bust and were quickly shut down. We rode them once - nothing exciting. Just a sort of ride down the river looking at - well - nothing.


Considering the dragon was probably originally linked to Dueling Dragons, which Disney decided to pass on which is why it’s in IOA instead, hidden Mickeys and all, they probably just killed it.
My guess. Either that or the proposed “beastly island” in AK was cancelled, so again, there was no reason for the dragon.