The Dream


In case you have not seen this yet. Pretty Awesome ship.
Going to book Spring Break 2011 soon… I hope…

Disney Dream Artist Renderings (Disney News Blog)

Creativity and Innovation Take the Helm Aboard Disney Dream (Disney News Blog)


Oh, my! That’s beautiful! The “virtual porthole” would be wonderful for us, as DH is terrified of heights and afraid the kids would find a way to climb overboard with a balcony.


I got this in my inbox this am! AWESOME!!


I was telling my family about the water coaster with the tube that goes over the ocean and back… toooo cool!

This is a state of the art ship.


Has everyone seen this?
YouTube - Ride the AquaDuck- Disney Cruise Line YouTube - Disney Dream to Include First-Ever Shipboard Water Coaster
Also they start booking it on Monday the 9th.


YouTube - Virtual Porthole - Disney Cruise Line


Kinda makes me wish I booked the Inside Stateroom. :laugh:


I’ll wait until they get all the kinks out. You know - see if it sinks or anything like that.


I so want to do a Disney cruise…maybe when I hit the lottery:)


I’ll be on the ship in Feb. 2011! I made sure I had an inside stateroom just for the Virtual Porthole. Can’t wait for this to happen!


Has everyone seen this?
YouTube - Introducing the Disney Dream Cruise Ship