The Dumbest Thing I've Heard Today


For our trip in December, we can’t book a King Bed room at POFQ for 3 people. This is a rule for all the Moderates.

Person number three is FIVE YEARS OLD! We planned to bring a pup tent, sleeping bag, and pad for DS5 so that

A- he would have some extra fun, and
B- we could actually keep the light and TV on past 8pm.

Now we’ve got to be in a room with two double beds, which will actually be more crowded. :glare:

When we tried to book the King bed, we got rejected. Disney’s computer didn’t like it. Obviously that machine doesn’t know about my Close Personal Relationship with Mickey.

The only possible solution is to throw myself on the mercy of the CM at the front desk and hope they’re willing to see things my way and put us in a King room. Grrrrr!!! :glare: :angry: :glare: :angry:


Call Keith at Mousketrips. He may have some ideas. (You’ll have to wait til Keith gets back from his freebie travel agent Expedition Everest grand-opening mooch trip to WDW, where he’s staying comp at the AKL).


(But you know what? That IS one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Just sneak the little bugger in…)


Actually… Mousketrips is who regretfully had to pass this information on to me! They gave it their best shot, thought they’d worked it out, but then Disney’s computer spit us back out.

Can’t sneak the little guy in for two reasons: DS5 is part of the tickets and the dining plan, and I love Mickey too much to break the rules. I’m a rule follower. (shrug)


What a bummer…just keep your fingers crossed that the CM at the front desk can work some “magic.”


Andrea, can you ask for a King Room upgrade upon arrival? That is what we always do - sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t. We did get it at WL with our DS, but that’s not a moderate. This really stinks!!! :mad:


Just for grins and giggles (I can’t use the real phrase), try calling Disney directly and see if a live human responds differently than the computer. I have plenty of stories about cross booking between the internet and calling the resevation center. There’s some very hard protocols that keep the left hand from working with the right hand. Besides, what prevents them from assigning a king bed with a roll away? This again is something that doesn’t add up. There might even be a genuine civil rights violation here as well. Who are they to say how many and what ages and sexes can occupy their beds? Politically correct Disney? Oh puhleeze!


I just called WDW reservations and the CM told me Disney just won’t allow 3 people in a bed. They also told me they don’t have roll away beds. Finally, their reservation system won’t let anyone over ride it. It’s a hard fast rule about not wanting to be responsible for 3 adults in a bed, even if the third adult is only 5. If he was 3, then it would be ok.


You are a good girl Andrea. :angel:

That would really frost me too though!


Thanks for checking that out! Not that it makes it less annoying, of course.


Just a thought…Do any of the rooms at POR in the A.B. section have king beds with the “day bed” option?? If they do…you could consider changing resorts…


It actually burned me up enough that I just had to find out.

I don’t think they have daybeds in the moderates. I did ask about a roll away, and also mentioned how in the deluxes, the kings did come with sleeper couches, but the response I got leads me to believe that the moderates’ king bed rooms don’t have daybeds.
Maybe Disney Resorts just has a bed fetish?


There are rooms at Port Orleans Riverside in the Alligator Bayou section that have a trundle bed. I’m just not sure if the trundle is offered in the king rooms or only in the double beds rooms. Don’t know if you are willing to change resort or even if it’s available(if possible).


My aunt & uncle got a king bed room with my cousin a couple of years ago, but I guess it didn’t matter because she was 2. :\ Sorry.


This is the dumbest thing you heard yesterday and I heard today!


I have another idea… if you’re willing to pay more… book a second room… and have one adult in the king room, and an adult and a child in the second room.


Nope, not willing to pay for another room! :laugh: