The Earl of Sandwich Menu Changes in Downtown Disney


Whenever we arrive at our resort, the first thing we do is to go to Downtown Disney for our favorite sandwich, The Caribbean Jerked Chicken Sandwich. Well, last Thursday, we took the four hour drive to WDW, checked into our resort, hopped a bus for DTD & headed for the Earl of Sandwich. Once there, we discovered that the EOS has changed it’s menu. It has done away w/ our favorite sandwich along w/ several more! We were so upset! I even told them. The employees told me that we weren’t the only ones complaining about the change. We noticed that, even though it was around 5 pm (supper time), half of their tables was empty & there was NO long line! That is unusual for the EOS. I went to their site & complained. I was wondering, do any of you like to eat there during your trip? Are you upset about the changes? Can we do anything to bring back our favorite sandwiches. Or do we just find another place to eat? :sad:


First off, can I say that I’m jealous of being only 4 hours away from the Mouse!!! But, besides that, I am shocked about no lines and actually being able to find a table. I think that’s the most effective way to get them to change things back. I never understand why no one anymore embraces “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” And, yes…EOS is a MUST every time we are at Disney. But, I’m safe because my favorite sandwich is the Original. Don’t think that will ever go away :slight_smile:


This is what they offer now in the way of hot sandwiches:


After looking at the offerings, I once again put in my request on their site for them to open a store in the Chicagoland area. I do that request on a yearly basis!


I’m sorry you lost your favorite sandwich. I saw the changes a few weeks ago. I was sorry to see a favorite gone but it guess that’s just part of it. Almost every restaurant we go to has changed their menu over the years. We aren’t going to quit eating there, we’ll just have to find a new favorite sandwich. I’m sure you will always miss your jerk chicken sandwich but maybe you will find something else you like almost as well.


The only change I noticed last week was the addition of the Holiday Turkey sandwich to the always available menu instead of being available during the end of year holiday season.
But so long as they have the Original and the Full Montagu, I really don’t look much farther.


It is a fine place for a quick bite. We have not been there in a while. Maybe soon.


We have not eaten there in awhile. That used to be our last stop before jumping in the car and driving back to Miami. We may have to check it out when we head back in Dec.


I think they also got rid of the All American which was my favorite. But since they now offer the Holiday sandwich year round, I won’t complain too much!


I read at another site that a person was disappointed to see the All American missing, and the person from Earl of Sandwich told her they would make it for her. So, I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask if they can still make them.


The veggie sandwich was my favorite; it’s also gone. I asked one of the people from Earl of Sandwich and the reply was that it still could be made. And it was, more than once now.


It is great that they will still make sandwiches that are no longer on the menu, but then why remove it from the menu if it is a popular choice?


You do know that several of the rebuilt service plazas on the turnpike now have an Earl of Sandwich inside.

The 3 of our last 4 trips, I’ve found the lines at the EOS in DTD have been insanely long between noon and 2 PM regardless of the day.