The "early dining" versus "late dining" decision on DCL


Does anyone with experience on the Fastasy (7 night Western) have any advice when deciding on early verus late dining?

We don’t have children but we are not fussy about who we dine with; families, other childless adults, children, doesn’t matter.

We did the early dining on the “Dream” ship and it was fine but were booked on the late dining for our “Fantasy” cruise in July.

The only thing that has me hesitant about late dining is that on Pirate night I don’t want to feel caught up at an 8pm dinner and miss any of the festivities on deck. Although, if I choose early dining all of our port cities “all aboard time” is between 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. so I also don’t wanna feel rushed to get to dinner.

Hmm, any experienced opinions?

Thank you!


We always do late diner and don’t have any problems getting to party. The servers know if they cause delays they be walking the plank. :pirate: Arrgghhhh!


It seems like no matter how carefully you plan, something is always going to be missed. Personally, because the more tired I get, the less I feel like eating, I’d take the early seating… then you’ve got all evening for entertainment. Maybe on Pirate Night, if you don’t want to miss anything, just eat at the Buffet.


We did the late dining on the Magic and did not miss any of the Pirate party. We were also worried about getting back on the ship in time for the early dinner, we did not want to be rushed!!


We decided on the early dining. :smile: Daniel said if we choose late that he knows he’s going to get back on that boat at 5pm and ruin dinner by eating whatever.