The Gingerbread house at GF


Does anyone know when the Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian is up and running?
I thought it might be a great reason to see that resort and lick the sugar of a door :frostyang :laugh:


I thought that was only done between November and a little after New Years? I remember a few years ago I wanted to go see but I was told it is not a def every year and they may be skipping it so I didnt venture over.


they start putting it up in or around july. I know the store is up and running at the start of Dec. I think the house is totally done by thanksgiving. You can get your photo done in front of it if it is totally done. if you call them they should be able to tell you when it will be done.


We have gotten cookies from the store inside the gingerbread house at Thanksgiving! By the way, the cookies are fabulous!!!


I was there last year around the 14th of November, they were just starting to decorate it.


I have only seen it during our December visits, but you never know! I am sure it takes a long time to get it set up. :slight_smile:


So, it looks like they may let me take a peek between Nov. 10th and the 20th. But that’s how far it will go - that’s ok :happy:


Well I think you have a very good chance, since they will have to have it started by then!


I have seen a TV special regarding the Gingerbread house… have not seen it in person… it is really awesome.


I think it is started right after Halloween . . . Last year we went to MNSSHP on the 31st, and the NEXT DAY, by some Disney Magic, the holiday decorations APPEARED! (Well started too anyway) Attached are a few photos from last years GINGERBREAD house, and the tree in from the lobby of the GF . . . enjoy!


Nice photo’s Mickeysgirlz.


Me too and that’s how I am going to lure my guys into going to the GF - with sweat stuff :whistling

Thanks for the pics, mickeysgirlz. We’re going to the MVMCP on the 12th, I figured they should have decorations and things near completion. Crossing fingers now.


12th Nov? They should be up . . . we always go around the 7th of Nov for my DD7s birthday celebration and they are already starting to “Deck the Halls”!


no licking allowed, lololol :laugh: you will have to construct your own gingerbread house to lick. given your nationality, this should not be a problem liebling, and while your at it, make one for me too, i’m lazy lololol :biggrin:


So true! But I have seen tiny little fingerprints in the icing, just under the velvet rope! Some little guest has been giving the “snow” a taste! LOL!


It was really amazing when I saw it last year. I really liked the cookies there. They were so yummy!!


Gee, I’ll have to make one for you too? Well, don’t be surprised if one shows up in the mail - icing intact :closedeye


i’ll have to give the mailman the “shake down” every day to make sure he hasn’t stolen my gingerbread house…you know those mailmen can’t be trusted w/ baked goods :ph34r:


:ohmy: :ohmy: I did not know that! Maybe that’s why there are only bills in my mailbox :pinch:


Mickeysgirlz, thanks for sharing the photos. That is an impressive Gingerbread House. Makes me hungry:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: