The Girls are Back - Trip Report


Hi everyone. I’m home. I do have to say that this trip was a little different than any other trip I’ve experienced with Disney. Had a couple of hicups, and then I guess I have to consider myself fortunate, that I had never in the past had to deal with as much “weather” than this trip. All in all, there was much giggling going on, lots of shopping and we had a great time, regardless of the hicups.

When we arrived at Midway Monday afternoon, there was a delay of about 15 minutes for the flight to take off. They said it was an air traffic controller delay because of weather at Florida. It then got extended another half an hour, which was still fine. But, then all of the sudden, they started lining us up to get on the plane (must have gotten an open window) and we were leaving at our original take off time. I do want to mention that this was the smoothest take off and landing I have ever experienced. The Southwest pilot did an excellent job!

When we landed, rain, rain and more rain. Magical Express was wonderful as usual. Hardly waited to get going. They dropped Pop Century off first, and then it was our turn…Animal Kingdom Lodge!!! This was the first time my Sister had ever been there. We were staying at Jambo House. We walked in and all I could do was watch her and her reaction to this magnificient lobby. It was great! Of the two times I have checked in on-line, this was the second time where I waited longer than the regular line. There was no one there at on-line check in. It still didn’t take that long, but I’m not sure if I will be using it anymore, as it really have never saved me time. Well, our cast member Bill was a gem. He was actually a greeter, and saw us standing there so walked behind the counter to help us. Our room assigned was on the opposite end of where I requested. But, I never like to react until I actually see the room we are assigned. So, had it in my head, check out the room first, and if it’s not a good view of the animals, I’ll just come back to Bill and see what he could do to change it. Well, let me tell you, probably the best savannah view room I have ever had. It was on the “50 yard line” where you can see nothing but savannah, trees and animals. Here’s some pictures of Tuesday morning, when it’s not raining yet.


Hicup #1:

As I had mentioned, we landed in the rain and from what I heard from other people, it had been raining all day long. By the time we got to the resort, it was about 7:30pm. The game plan was to get settled in the room, hop on a bus to DTD to renew my annual pass and get Earl of Sandwich. Well, with Mom’s arthritis and her recently having knee replacement surgery, she had a scooter with her the entire trip. She was very concerned about bringing it out in the rain, so she stayed in the room (enjoying watching the animals) and ds and myself hopped on the bus to DTD, took care of the pass and brought back Earl of Sandwich to the room. So here we are having a little picnic in our room, when I mention to Mom “Where did you put our suitcases when they delivered them?” Mom said, what suitcases? No one has shown yet. Okay, four hours later is not normal for luggage to show. So, I call Bell Services and offer to go down and pick them up if they are that back logged. When you hear a CM on the other end say that she’s going to be putting me through to the supervisor, you think Oh Ohhhhh. Somethings up! And, it was. I was then told that they did not have our suitcases, that nothing was delivered from the airport for our party. Went through the normal questions. Yes we had the yellow tags on. Yes we told the Magical Express checkin guy how many. She said she would call back. Now, my ds and myself are looking at each other, trying not to show any emotions in front of Mom. You see, we have a surprise planned for her the next morning. We made reservations at Cinderella’s Castle for breakfast to celebrate her 75th birthday. We told her that I wanted them to see rope drop at the Magic Kingdom so we had to get there early to get front row seats. Wouldn’t be too much fun, showing up in winter clothes that were slept in the night before. Fifteen minutes later, its the supervisor calling back, saying that our luggage was found, still at the airport and is it okay for them to be delivered tomorrow. No, so sorry, but need them tonight, but can’t explain why because Mom is sitting right there. She said that’s okay, this happened to two other families on our flight, and a bell man is already staying late to deliever their luggage also. So, it’s now 11:00pm and we have no clue when the luggage will arrive. Don’t remember the exact time, but around 1:30am it gets there. The bell man was so apologetic, even though it wasn’t his fault. Then the sentence that had us freeze in our steps…“You may want to open your luggage right away, as all the bags are wet.” What??? Yes they were, not only wet, SOAKED!!! What he figured was there must have been lightening when they were unloading the luggage on the tarmack, and that the employees got told to go inside. So, there sat our luggage outside in the rain, and then they forgot about it. I guess our bags were out in the rain for over five hours. Everything inside my Moms and my bags were wet. All clothes with the exception of maybe one outfit on the bottom, all packed breakfast food, MUUUUSH. Yuck! Everything was wet. DS bag must have been under ours, as only one pair of pants in the corner were wet. So, here it is 2am and I am telling Mom I still want to do rope drop, and she is giving me this “you are nuts, I’m not getting up this early in the morning” look. So, DS and myself ended up telling her the real reason why we had to be at Magic Kingdom so early. She was still happy about it, but this incident really did mess up our surprise.


Glad it was a great trip over all! My sister loves the AK but this year we’re staying at WL…now I’m reconsidering that decision. We really, really LOVE AK…what room did you stay in? More pics?


So I posted this at the same time you were posting the rest of your TR…maybe not the best start.


We were in 5303 Arusha view. So, when you are heading towards the back of the lobby, it would be the hallway on the left.


Tuesday morning. We managed to put outfits together that were dry and were on our way to Cinderella’s Royal Table. We figured we got about 3 hours of sleep after all the unpacking and adrenaline going from our excursion! That’s okay, we were excited for Mom. Disney as usual does thing so right. They made such a hoopla about Mom’s birthday. Every person we encountered was wonderful. Our server even gave us wands, which are usually just for the kids. She told Mom she was a special guest, so she gets one also. They also gave us each a “wishing star” and Mom a handful of “wish” confetti that she was to use during her entire stay to make all her dreams come true. The food was good, which we all picked the eggs and sausage platter. Then our server brought us some stuffed french toast, which was unbelievable.


Here’s some additional pictures of Mom’s special breakfast:


One of the things I forgot to mention was the reason why we went this week was because my Sister’s Son was marching in a parade at Magic Kingdom on that Tuesday with his high school band. We decided we wanted to see him, so planned a trip around his band’s schedule. So, did the usual stuff at MK after the breakfast until about 1 1/2 hours prior to her Son marching. Then we set up shop at Main Street to get front row seats. STRESS, STRESS, STRESS. I don’t know if it was because I was working on 3 hours of sleep, or are people just that rude. Here we are sitting for that long of a time, and you wouldn’t believe how many times I had to tell people who would squeeze in between my Mom’s scooter and me, or the scooter and my Sister. When you politely tell them you’ve been there over an hour holding this spot to be able to take pictures, the spoiled, me first people just grunt…yes GRUNT! and roll their eyes, like how dare I take away a spot from them. But then, in the end, it was good, as on one side of us was another band family, and then the most polite two teenage girls who quietly stood behind us, saying they had never seen a parade, and happy to be there. It was amazing that the young ones were courteous, where the other rude ones were adults. It brought faith to me with that generation.

Here’s a picture of the band.


Your first meal in WDW looks wonderful! I am so sorry for all the trouble at the beginning of your trip. I would have been so stressed out at the idea of having two wet suitcases! The fact that you still made it out early the next morning is amazing!

I can’t wait to hear the rest of your TR. Thanks for all the great pics so far!


For only a few hours sleep, your mom sure looks happy. I think she would be a very good fairy god mother. She has that look about her. :happy:


So, after my Nephew’s band went by, my Sister continued with them and followed to get more pictures, whereas Mom and I stayed for the Celebration parade. This truly is my favorite parade. The music is the best. After the parade, we met up and decided we were used up. So back to AKL to have dinner at the Mara. I really like that they have so many different choices. Not just the burger and fry. Both DS and I had a chicken pita, and Mom had baked chicken. After dinner, Mom decided she just wanted to sit on the balcony and watch the animals, so DS and I jumped on a AK bus and just walked around AK until closing which was about 45 minutes from when we arrived. It is amazing how much you can see when you don’t have any ride agendas. There are so many nooks and crannies to duck into with that park.


Oh Beth your photos and TR are just lovely. I was so sorry to read about the wet bags though? Is there any recompense for this? I appreciate it was lightening, but couldn’t they have thrown a tarp or something over the exposed baggage?

I love the photo’s of your mum at CRT too and the lovely food, thanks for sharing- look forward to hearing more.


being who I am, Im already thinking of what I would write in the letter to the airlines for the wet luggage situation… but that is just me. Your mom looks so happy for someone with little sleep- that is how I like to start my trip too… IN THE CASTLE!


Enjoying your trip report! I’m sort of amazed that Disney didn’t offer to clean and dry your clothes! It’s the least that could have been done! Such nice pictures of the surprise breakfast! Can’t wait to hear more!


Welcome home! SO sorry about that luggage disaster. Can’t wait to hear the rest.


Wow what a way to start your vacation. Glad to see CRT went great. Can’t wait to read more.


I suspect that it was the airport handlers and not ME that left them out in the rain. Stinks that everything was wet regardless- it would have been nice if they had offered at least the ability to dry it though


I’m looking forward to more TR & pics! Sorry you had soggy clothing, yuk!


I love your pictures!

So sorry to hear about your luggage. Did you call the airline? In July, friends of ours flew to MCO on United and the same thing happened to their bags. Soaked! United gave them a future credit for their incoming flight.

I feel the same way about Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! I absolutely adore that parade!

Can’t wait to hear more!


You made me giggle! Yes, I believe Mom could be a Cast Member as a Fairy God Mother!!! Just have to talk her into moving to Florida, but after dealing with last weeks storms, not sure if that would ever happen!