The Good Ol' Living Seas


I don’t know if anyone else has addressed this but am I the only one that misses the nice little ride in the beginning of the Living Seas. In fact I miss all of the old little rides that used to be in Epcot such as Horizons. Good ol’ rides that I will miss dearly from my childhood. :crying:



I just saved a bunch of … lol, just kidding.

Seriously, a new ride is coming to the Living Seas. It will be Nemo based, but it will take up the old track and the old theatres of the past.


I’m with you Teebo, although I love the new rides, I really, really miss the Epcot of my childhood! Especially Horizons, which was my favorite, but also World of Motion and the original Imagination ride. Remember Captain Eo??? Those fingernails were so funny to the 11 year old me.

I can’t wait for the new ride at Living Seas!


It was wierd to go into Epcot in Jan and not ride to Seabase Alpha. When is the new ride opening?


I do miss the ride in LS. It was AWESOME! I also miss the movie you got to see before the ride. I LOVED the ladies voice that did the narration. I actually have an MP3 of the audio for that movie… It was so cool…

I’m excited for the new Nemo ride though. If it’s even half as cool as Turtle Talk with Crush, then it’ll be awesome…


I miss it too:( I’d forgotten about the movie though…


i can’t wait for the finding nemo the ride in the living seas. But what is in the exit now a gift shop.:confused::mickey:


…gah. I’m going to miss that old movie, even if I don’t “agree” with it. Curses!

I hope the new Nemo ride doesn’t…make me hate Nemo or anything. :confused: I like the old ways, and I’m only 22!


Does anyone know when the Nemo ride is opening? I’d like to know if it is anything great or if its just another idea that should have been left alone like the Tiki Room.

Oh no the song’s coming… :noo:


Yes, please fill me in on the new Nemo ride. What is it exactly? Will it be opened by June?


Well I don’t have specifics but Disney DID learn it’s lesson with the Journey makeover. Plus, Eisner is out of the picture. Also, look at how long the Nemo conversion has taken, they wanted to be sure to get multiple years worth of money for the project and do it right each step of the way. Another factor to consider, Pixar has say in this change as well since it uses their characters. Expect Good, good things.

Rumors I have heard (take strictly as rumor though)…

Nemo characters projected onto the water so it appears the characters are in the tank with the fish. A water tunnel (of sorts) simulating the ride through the ocean currents with Crush.

Lots of time and money investment is going into this rehab and the progress so far should hint as to what can be expected from the “icing on the cake” ride that will finish the conversion once and for all. I am still not clear, but I think the old entrance will return once the ride is complete. Of course the ride path will be much longer than it ever was before since hydrolators are gone and the theatre (or one of them) will be utilized for the ride as well.


I, too, miss the movie, though not the hydrolators as much.


For years I thought that the Hydrolators were real,until one time I had to leave LS in a hurry and the CM let me out of the emergency exit and I exited right from the Sea Base to the outside. I was so disappointed!!!


Yes the hydrolators are a quite a long little ride. It feels like your in there forever when you want to go to Soarin’ or some other ride. :pinch:


Don’t agree with the movie? Huh? How can you disagree with a movie about the ocean? You dont believe the ocean came from rain? :biggrin: :tongue:


Particularly when you’re trying to maneuver one of Disney’s ECVs into it. :pinch:


:laugh: I was just thinking the same thing - how can you disagree with the ocean? :huh: I mean - it’s just THERE. All I disagreed with was them making you stand through the whole thing.

I miss so many of the old rides at Epcot - I love the new ones, but I’d just love to smell those orange groves in the Horizons ride once more.


>> Especially Horizons, which was my favorite, but also World of Motion and the original Imagination ride. Remember Captain Eo??? <<

How about the original Figment!! Guess they are on ride # 3. They’ve gotten worse with time. Why can’t they just re do the original???

During our Christmas visit, Wonders of Life was open. It’s a mere shell of its former self. We did ride Body Wars. For old times sake. it was fun. But I miss Pure & Simple. The waffles, fruit, etc. Last time I was in there, when it was open, they were serving beer and dogs. Not so Pure & Simple.



Wow! A ride in the Living Seas. I’m excited. All I’ve heard about is Turtle talk with Crush the Turtle, but this sounds even better! Has anyone been to Turtle Talk with Crush? It sounds nice. :happy: :happy:


Turtle Talk with Crush is absolutely great. It’s one of the sleeper hits of Epcot. Crush interacts with the audience - mostly all the little kids - asking them questions and answering their questions about turtles, the ocean, etc. It can get really funny. And if you’re lucky, Dory makes an appearance.