The Good, the Bad and the Ugly TR


Back in April, as I was showing my Mom around a couple of the WDW resorts (mentioned in my last TR), she inquired as to what to get me for my Birthday. I told her “I don’t need anything” and she “shouldn’t worry about it”, but she insisted.

So inspiration struck as we were exploring the Poly and she threw out into the wind:

“How about a Birthday weekend at a Disney resort?”

Is she CRAZY?! :ohmy:

After I explained to her the differences between the types of resorts as well as the approximate “pricing” for each resort category, she told me to book any Mod of my choosing for that “special” B-day weekend in May.

She insists!

Well Happy Birthday!!! :cheshire:

After searching around online, I decided to give CSR another shot. As I have mentioned in numerous posts here on MB, I had no “LOVE” for this resort. The last time I stayed there I HATED it. But, it had been at least 5 or 6 years since I had a room at the Coronado coupled with the fact that it’s the only Mod that Mackenzie hasn’t “tried” so I thought, “what the heck, I’ll give it a second chance”.

So about a month out, I pulled the trigger for 05/13/2011 – 05/15/2011 and I made the appropriate ADR’s as well.

Friday, May 13th finally arrived and we were really excited! There’s nothing like a relaxing weekend get-a-way at WDW you know?

And Mackenzie was ready to “HURRY UP” and “chill” by the pool! “Hurry up and relax” was her theme!

So, we pulled up to “El Centro” at around 12:30pm for check-in. We entered the “online check – in” line and there was a family of four in front of us. Plus, there was only one cast member “working” the online check in area so we stood there for about 15 minutes or so until another cast member in the standard check in line acknowledged our existence (there was no one in line over on that side of the building and all of the cast members were chatting amongst themselves so we just assumed that they couldn’t “help” anyone in the online check in line, procedures and all).

We moseyed on up to the counter and I gave the lady my info. She put our resort materials together and to be frank, she was quite curt with us (I’m not sure if she was bothered by the fact that she had to actually “work”, but either way, she was “short” with us and she didn’t even crack a smile until we departed).

I reacted to her overall demeanor by “killing her with kindness” because I didn’t want to let this cast member’s “attitude” ruin our day (I felt like a “customer service rep” dealing with a cranky customer but yet, I was the customer and she was the CSR). She gave us our documents, keys, and such and mentioned that our room “isn’t ready” & that they would leave us a voice mail when the room would be available. She also showed us the area on the map as to where we would be located but she didn’t know what the exact room number would be.

We left El Centro and Mackenzie was floored! She couldn’t believe how borderline rude that cast member was! :eek:

I just blew it off and we drove over to “Casita 3” where our room would eventually be located.


At this point, we left everything in the SUV and we decided to explore the resort.


We wandered around the resort grounds for a bit and we made our way over “El Centro” once more, because that’s where you can find the sit down restaurant, counter service, nightclub and the gift shop.

Needless to say, I was starving so we checked out the Pepper Market first. Wow, this place had a nacho/fajita station, a fruit & salad station, a grill station with burgers and such, a pizza and pasta station, a hot sandwich station including tuna melts, Philly Cheese steaks, etc…

You get the idea.

Everything looked and smelled amazing!

Next, we decided to see what Café Rix had to offer and they had wraps, sandwiches, salads, fruits, the all-important “gelato”, etc…

So, we grabbed a quick sandwich and sat at one of the elegant tables near the nightclub.


I have to say, CSR has, by far, the best counter service food & options when compared to the other (03) Mods.

Seriously… It’s the best.

And I have to say, the overall décor inside El Centro is GORGEOUS! Very classy indeed.


After we ate, we still hadn’t received “the call” and Mackenzie REALLY wanted to lay by the pool, so we walked back to my truck, changed into our bathing suits, made mimosas in our thermoses, and we made our way over to the “Dig Site” where the “Lost City of Cibola pool” was located.


This pool was AWESOME!

Definitely the best of the Mods
and the Jaguar slide is by far the best of all the Mods as well.

The entire Dig Site is fantastic & the décor is simply splendid.


At around 3:30 pm, a couple of Deejays came out, played some popular Radio Disney tunes and enticed the little ones to play some games to win some prizes. They had a hula hooping contest, a standing version of musical chairs, a dance off…

A great time was had by all and it was nice to hear some music by the pool for a change…


We hung out at the pool for a few hours and then we headed back to the truck at around 5pm thinking that the room HAD to be ready at this point.


I pulled out my phone and sure enough, we JUST missed their call by 15 minutes. A cast member left a message advising us of our room number, which happened to be located on the 3rd floor of “Casita 3”.

Now check-in is at 3pm so it’s surprising to me that the room wasn’t ready until 4:45pm! It was no biggie because we were at the pool all day but as “light” as the crowd was at the resort, especially for a Friday, it was “interesting” that it took them quite the while to get the room ready, especially when I indicated a 12:30pm arrival time when I checked in online earlier that week.

Like I said, no biggie… It didn’t affect us at all.

We grabbed our things and headed for the “Casita”. We located the elevator (I wouldn’t have minded walking up the stairs but Mackenzie was struggling with her suitcase and she refused to attempt 3 flights of stairs with all of her “stuff” lol… and yes, I looked like a bell hop with crap hanging from my shoulders as well as both of my hands being filled with lovely things lol. You see, we BYOB or rather, BOOB. It’s “cheaper”… A LOT cheaper) and after some twists and turns, we finally found the room (the buildings are HUMONGOUS).

And what a room it was! It was fantastic!

We LOVED the Latin theme, the gorgeous wooden sliding doors between the bedroom and the bathroom, the white bed with the baby blue Latin bed runner on the bed… very elegant indeed! And the sheets were so soft! The Bed, and the room for that matter, is ALSO the best of all the Mods.

I haven’t seen the new rooms w/the larger beds at POFQ yet, but the bed @ CSR is fantastic… It really is.

We unpacked our things and we had 3 hours to kill before heading out to catch our ADR’s, so it was a perfect time for… Margaritas!



(I couldn’t find the exact recipe for La Cava’s Magic Blue’s online, but their website had the list of ingredients so I improvised. Here is what I came up with:

2 parts el mayor (or patron, or partida) blanco tequila, 2 parts fresh lime juice, 1 part agave nectar (mixture), 1 part blue curacao (you can find the agave nectar at a health food store, the baking section of a grocery store or the same aisle that you can find honey & such)

Take ¾ cup of agave nectar and ¾ cup of water and blend w/spoon/knife/stick whatever…

Set aside

Then in a “shaker” put in the juice of two limes (try to squeeze out every last bit of juice and personally, I include the pulp), 1 ½ shots of blanco tequila, 1 shot of the agave nectar mixture, 1 shot of blue curacao.


Pour over ice.


These bad boys are strong so only have one if you just want to relax. But by all means, if you’re looking to get smashed, then rock out a few more… lol)



So it took me about 5 minutes to make the margaritas, and then I plugged my iphone into the JBL’s (speakers) and we just hung out for a while. Also, we heard something on the roof of the building and sure enough, it started to rain. Really hard!

Around 8:15pm, we were showered and dressed so we made our way over to the GF.


I pulled up to the valet (free if you have Tables in Wonderland) and I handed over the keys to the valet dude.


Thankfully, the rain disappeared so we headed on over to the dock next to Narcoossee’s to catch the water pageant as well as “Wishes”.

After about 15 minutes, I realized that I forgot something. Mosquito repellant! We were getting eaten alive! So after the “test shot”, I grabbed Mackenzie so we could “check in” to Narcoossees…

and we decided to join the masses on the deck of the restaurant as well.

It was a little hot and humid outside but for some reason, the mosquitos “stopped” biting us, there was a nice breeze blowing and the music to “Wishes” was piped through the speakers in the restaurant as well. It was perfect!

Personally, I think the view of Wishes is better at Narcoossees then it is at Cali Grill. The fireworks “bursts” appeared “larger” than it did while observed from the window at Cali Grill…

After the show, our “buzzer” went off and we were seated right away. I must say, the restaurant is quite lovely.

Once the hostess guided us to our table, we ordered a couple of Mojitos and we settled on the (Asian) lobster egg roll appetizer. It was excellent!

Then I ordered the grilled NY Strip and Mackenzie went with the shrimp & scallop pasta (I am not a BIG seafood kinda guy. lol).

Overall, the entrees were reminiscent of “banquet food”. There was nothing to “send back” because it was as good as it was going to get. Needless to say I was highly disappointed because for the same price, I could have had a STELLAR piece of meat at the Yachtsman’s. But I suppose, you “pay” for the view of the Lagoon so “they” scrimp on the food quality.

If we do decide to eat there again, we’ll only go for a couple of appetizers & drinks, because that is all that Narcoossees is good at, in my opinion. On the bright side, the service is excellent! So that cannot be ignored… Our server was extremely friendly, helpful and she checked on us often… And, she was cute to boot, but I digress…


amazing pictures and the resort looks amazing strange we never thought to stay there maybe next year. loving:heart: your tr more please


After dinner, we headed back to the resort and we decided to check out the gorgeous night club. The décor in this place is second to none. It’s completely phenomenal!

We walked into the joint and we noticed that a section of the club was roped off for some sort of “event”. BUT yet, no one was there. We walked up to the bar and I ordered a margarita while Mackenzie stuck with boring old H2O. I should have done the same…

The bartender slides the margarita over to me and let me tell you, it was by and large the WORST thing I have ever put into my mouth.

It was terrible!

Mackenzie took a sip and she searched frantically for somewhere to spit it out… And it was not cheap! $15. I should have asked for my money back but instead, I asked them to pour the drink into a to-go cup so I could bring it back to the room to doctor it up.

Didn’t help.

So I poured the drink down the drain and we hit the hay.

And overall, it was a very good day…

Up next, Pixar’s 25th Anniversary Weekend at EPCOT!

The Lightning are battling to stay alive in the Eastern Conference Finals… So I gots to gets! :pirate:

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!!


more tr not sure who the lightening even are but i need pictures. lol :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Great TR! More, more please!


Sorry to hear that you had a bad meal at Narc’s. We had to cancell or ADR last trip, but the 6-7 times we ate there on previous trips the food was always way above par. It had become our first night meal place and I considered it one of the best meal deals in the World.


I really want to stay at CSR now! You make it sound wonderful! Can’t wait to read more TR!


Great TR, more please!