The Goof Father: Disneyland's 50th for the Holidays


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At long last, I can add a trip report to the vast experiences shared here at Disney Central! I have been looking forwards to a holiday DL trip for quite some time and it finally has come to pass… I will try and finish this up over the next couple days, so join me and my family in our Disneyland trip!

Let me introduce you to the troop! There is my lovely wife Jenny. Cheyenne is our DD9. Gabriel is our DS7. Last but not least, we have Jillian our DD2. So we have a great group of adventurers on our trip!

We brought along some stuffed companions. Gabriel had Pluto, Cheyenne had Thumper and Jillian had Bambi. But, I have to admit, Jillian pretty much took whichever one she wanted at the moment as her own! Two year olds… Sheesh!

Also to help us with our pin trading, we brought about 30 cheap pins from EBay to help us enjoy our pin trading distraction. We had a goal to get as many cool Cast Lanyard Pins as possible!


Looking forward to reading this Don Goofy…don’t leave anything out–especially details on the pin trading! No pressure now…how long are we going to wait?? it ready yet??
Good to see you back!! :tongue:


great to hear goof father…great idea about the pin thing from ebay…I’ll have to try that someday. btw…jillian is a great name;)…right Pj?


12/4 Day One - SUNDAY

We had a very early flight out of Portland, which meant we would need to give the kids a rest as soon as we arrived at the Paradise Pier. This is the first time for the kids to fly, so I had to give up the window seat. Harumph! I love flying, I am such a little kid about it, because I pretty much stare out the window the whole time. Look at that! Lookit! Wow! See that? Awesome…

We had lunch at Red Robin and picked up a few things at Target… Seems like I have done this before, back at home… Hmmmm? At least we didn’t go to Bed Bath and Beyond… :tongue:

Anyways, back to the fun… Our first order of business was to get the kids rested after the early morning wake up. The problem being that check in time is 3pm, but it was only noon at that time. As I stood in line at the front counter, EVERY person in front of me was told that their room was not ready and to come back at 3pm. I got ready to shmooze and maybe even beg for a room. I batted my lashes. I showed some leg. I dropped a sob story or two. I GOT THE ROOM! I must have gotten a Fast Pass for the room and didn’t even know it!

Later, after naps we decided that we should hit the park. We planned mostly to saunter through DL and take in the sights and a few pictures. As it was Sunday evening in December, the park was pretty crowded, just as I expected. :pinch:

The Candlelight Processional was going on too, so I am sure that added to the crowds! We witnessed some of it from afar and it was beautiful!

We also began a debate amongst the whole family, what ride should we do first. Gabriel wanted Indiana Jones, since he was finally tall enough to ride. Cheyenne wanted Space Mtn and Buzz, since she had never done those before. I wanted Splash Mtn. My wife and little Jilly were more in favor of Small World. After much wrangling it was Buzz Lightyear that we chose to ride. And it was a great ride! :biggrin:

After that ride we wandered the park looking at all of the wonderful lights. We spent some time in Toon Town enjoying the atmosphere and shops.

We left the park well before closing, so that we could rest up our kiddos for the early opening Monday.

But I had to come back to the park alone… I needed to get my annual passport photo taken, but the City Hall was closed due to the Candlelight Processional. When it reopened there was a loooooong line. Uh, no thanks. I got a waiver so that I could take care of the AP the next day. So now with some free time, I decided to go buy everyone a lanyard for pin trading and a few pins we had seen earlier in the day.

It was also a little bit windy, so I figured that the Fireworks and Fantasmic may be called off. I happened to follow a DL fireman and he released a balloon that further proved my suspicion of the winds being stronger at higher altitudes. While hordes of people were distracted by the events that were likely to be cancelled I squeezed in Splash Mtn and Haunted Mansion.

I scurried back to the hotel room and called it a night… Everyone else was already asleep!


The gang all posing on the fire truck in Toon Town.

I think I had to shoo away a half dozen kids who kept climbing on the truck before I could snap that photo! :tongue:


Here is my little Jilly calling the Toon Town Police on me for not getting her more candy! :tongue:


Love the picture! Love the “go ride on Splash while everyone’s distracted”! Love to hear more…


Here are the girls hanging out in Minnie’s House! :wub:


Here is my worst nightmare coming to pass. A 2 year old who acts like a teen ager too! Jillian kept covering her face when I wanted to take a picture of her! :sad:

I snapped this one anyways! It was soooo cute as her and Thumper ate, but when I pointed the camera at her she had to turn away… :sad:


Gabriel and Cheyenne chat with Santa’s better half! They talked for a long time about all kinds of funny stuff. They asked her about the reindeer, what she makes for Santa’s dinners and whether she liked it better at DL than the North Pole… :laugh:


I am working on it! And I have been pondering how to tell about the pin trading, because we came back with at least 30 Cast Lanyard Pins. :blush: :whistling

There are a few spots that seemed to be better than others for getting some of the Cast Lanyard Pins… So I will need to share them!!! :wink:


It is the best way to trade! You get lots of pins for cheap, because at $6.95 while at the park for some of the cheaper pins you can spend a lot really fast (we did that in 2004). This time around I spent about $2 per pin. :cool:

And thanks, we love Jillian’s name too! We call her Jilly quite a bit too… My wife and I like to pick names are that are not too common, but are still very nice names…


It was fun, I wish everyone was with me, but hey I am in DL, so I had better ride Splash! :tongue:


Glad to see ya’ll had a great time…Welcome Back…now more pictures please… :wink:


Oh, this is the first dose of TR I’ve had in so long! I love it! :biggrin: More, more!!!

:huh: Amazing that I can be so excited about a DL TR even though I’m there every day! That’s truly Disney Magic! :biggrin:


12/5 Day Two - MONDAY

Monday we came in for early entry and we headed straight for Tomorrow Land. We did it all in the early morning and managed to do Buzz Lightyear twice and even grabbed Fast Passes for later. We never saw Dznygrl in Tomorrowland this day, as we bounced between Astro Orbiters and Honey I Shrunk the Audience.

We stopped to trade pins a few times but we didn’t see too many Cast Lanyard Pins yet…

For lunch we dropped in on White Water snacks. We had some of the most fun that day feeding some little birdies near our table. We laughed and laughed at the cute little birds as we tossed them this little crumb or that little crumb. They can be picky eaters!

Then it was nap time and homework time for the kids. During this time I went back to DL to get my AP photo taken and to stock up on Fast Passes.

I managed to get FPs for Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones and Splash Mtn, which meant we had a nice afternoon of rides ahead of us and plenty of time to wander around.

It was also at this time that I abused the single rider option on Splash Mtn. I rode it half a dozen times with no wait. I had a very memorable ride with a family that all put on ponchos and were all so scared of the “fall”. I was afraid I may have to do CPR on someone during the ride, because there was some serious heart palpitating fear being expressed by the others on the log. Their picture was amazing, because it turned out to be 5 people who looked like they were in the act of dieing, with some guy (me) in the back of the log looking slightly weirded out. Sheesh!

I also found one of my favorite pin trading locations at DL. Back in Critter Country there seemed to always be at least a couple nice Cast Lanyard Pins when I came looking. I think it was in the store called Pooh’s Corner.

Later when we returned as a family we were able to burn up all of the Fast Passes I had gathered and even visit Santa Claus at the Reindeer Round Up.

The Reindeer Round Up was a lot of fun. There were characters whooping it up. Santa was doing his thing. My kids hung out with Mrs. Claus for a while. The reindeer were fighting each other a bit, so that was sort of strange. Oh, and reindeer are small too! They have antlers to shame most deer, but they are puny. We also saw Marshmallow, the turkey that President Bush pardoned on Thanksgiving. He looked tasty! Coming soon to the turkey leg stand near you, Marshmallow the pardoned Thanksgiving turkey! Yummy! :tongue:

For our dinner we ate some fruit and soup at the French Market. I also ate a frozen banana, which is one of my favorites! We got a special Haunted Mansion Holiday coin with our meal… Now I need to find where I put it! DOH! :pinch:

We then went back to Splash Mtn to try and get a good photo of the “drop”. Since we have a 2 year old, we parental units had to take turns. I went with Gabriel and my wife went with Cheyenne.

My wife and Cheyenne had a poor picture, because they were sitting behind Andre the Giant – I am serious! You could hardly see them! That was one big fella… I almost wanted to get the picture because of the overall absurdity of it, but I chose not to…

Gabriel and I had an awesome picture! I will have to scan it and post it as soon as I can… Basically I challenged him to pose with me and if he succeeded he would get a yummy reward. He nailed it. We put our fingers over our eyes like masks and we had a lot of fun doing it.

We ended up wrapping up the night with some pin trading. We managed to score a few Cast Lanyard Pins at another great trading location! YAY! Inside the Grand Californian Hotel at the store near the main lobby there was often some Cast Lanyard Pins available, not too mention friendly cast members.


I actually had some camera issues on the trip too… I think that squelched a couple of days of photo taking. :crying:

But I will share more!!! :wink:


Yeah! Every day you are a TR! :pinch: I am jealous!

It was nice to meet you at Astro Orbiters, even though it was a very hurried meeting! You were doing an excellent job! I wish we had seen you in HIStA too! :cool:

Thanks for you multitude of great tips!


Monday was my one day off last week! :tongue: :pinch: But I think I came and played at the park for a little while…and I always seem to gravitate toward Tomorrowland now because all my “family” is there…so you may have seen me and not known it! :eek:


Ok… just draw some pictures to make up for those days :wink: :tongue: